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Penneys Launch the Ultimate Home Beauty Treatments For Just €1.50

Penneys Launch the Ultimate Home Beauty Treatments For Just €1.50

We are all about unclogging the black heads from our nose so we were super excited to hear that Penneys is launching a collection of 11 face masks ranging from the Insta selfie favourite sheet masks to cooling eye patches, unclogging nose strips to hydrating lip masks.

With the entire collection priced between €1.00 and €1.50, there is no better excuse to put on your pyjamas and bring the beauty salon to your own home.

There is so many to choose from, we may have to buy them all.

To cleanse the day away; the deep cleansing bubble mask (€1.00) has oxygen rich foam that bubbles, massaging the skin for a deep cleansing effect. The mask conditions with refreshing blueberry extract along with a natural blend of papaya, green tea and bamboo.

For a really relaxing treat the calming heat therapy mask (€1.00)  heats up on contact with water to give a warming feeling while hydrating and conditioning the skin with glycerine, avocado oil and a natural blend of apricot, jasmine and ginseng.

Kaolin clay and bentonite absorb excess oils and impurities from the skin in the smoothing clay mask (€1.00) while aloe vera, shea butter and mango extract soothes and conditions.

Reveal a fresher complexion with the purifying peel off mask (€1.00) containing refreshing and toning cucumber. The gel formula sets on the skin and peels off leaving the face freshened with jasmine and ginseng.

For kissable lips the cranberry lip patch (€1.50) hydrates using shea butter, tones with cranberry and witch hazel and soothes with allantoin.

Reduce dark circles with the cleansing and toning cucumber eye pads (€1.50). These contain a natural blend of mulberry, liquorice and green tea to revive and brighten skin around the eyes and soothe with aloe vera.

Restore the skins natural elasticity with the Vitamin E eye patches (€1.50). The key ingredients in these soothing and moisturising patches are the anti-oxidant Vitamin E, moisturising Vitamin B5, allantoin and rose water.

Everyone’s favourite super food, the avocado, is the hero in the hydrating avocado sheet mask (€1.50). This moisturising sheet mask hydrates with avocado oil and contains marine collagen to boost skin condition.  

Rejuvenate tired skin with the brightening pearl sheet mask (€1.50). Pearl extract and Vitamin B5 smoothens while star anise and witch hazel refresh.

To give your skin some real nourishment the plumping Vitamin E sheet mask (€1.50) uses a natural blend of papaya and green tea for conditioning and Vitamin B5 for moisturising.

Unclog pores in one step with the PS aloe nose strips (€1.50). After the pores have been unclogged the ingredients of witch hazel, aloe and allantoin to tone and soothe.

The Ps… Beauty masks for face, eyes, lips and nose are available in Penneys now.

How can you compete with these prices.










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