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Penneys lovers are fuming over this jacket

Penneys lovers are fuming over this jacket- they are not happy at all.

Uh-oh, have you seen it?

We are used to picking up all our “bits” in our favourite high street at bargain prices, but this leather jacket is coming in at €35.

Yes- it is that expensive.

This is not a price that we are used to at all- terrible stuff altogether.

Other followers on Instagram are complaining that it is not widely available across all of Primark’s stores.

Loads of comments have been shared online since the image was posted yesterday.

Why doesnt the netherlands get cute stuff like this

What a surprise Primark, not available in the 🇬🇧

Exactly I m getting more and more pissed if that the best and nicest items are not available in the U.K.

Why not available in Austria? I miss all the good stuff

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