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Penney’s are selling GORGEOUS lingerie from only €5


Penney’s are selling the most gorgeous lingerie from only €5, and people are going crazy for it.

These sets may be cheap, but they sure don’t look it. The one piece and two piece lingerie sets start from only €5, but they look SO much more expensive.

The deep navy sets are lined with lace and a hint of satin.

So we’ll have them both please! ?? Prices from €5/$6 #Primark #lingerie

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With almost 43,000 likes on their Instagram post at the time of writing, it seems we’re not the only ones who are going dying to get ourselves one of these sets.

“Omgggg, so beautiful it hurts,” said one person.

“How Beautiful is this! I may have to get it! ?,” said another.

Which do you prefer? The one on the right or the left?


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