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People Are Giving Out Over A Bikini Top From Penneys!

Is this a bit steep for Penneys?…we have little to be complaining about really!

We’re so used too paying very little for stunning clothes in Penneys, so when the price is unexpectedly hiked up every now and again, people are less than impressed.

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In particular, some people are fuming over the price of this new bikini top which has just launched in store.

This is really pretty, that’s a given… but is it worth 11 Euro? JUST for the top?

Altogether that means that this whole set is 15 Euro, still cheap on the scale of thing, but some are saying it is quite unusual seeing as you can get ones from a fiver upwards.

People are not happy about it, and have been complaining since the bikini was launched.

Maybe this isn’t too bad though is it? Would you pay it?

Let us know in the comments!

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