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People Cannot Get Over The Germany Rose And Her Incredible Voice On The Rose Of Tralee

If you haven’t heard this already, prepare to get serious goosebumps.

It’s not often that the entire nation is silenced for two minutes straight, but tonight, that’s exactly what happened in the Dome in Tralee as the Germany Rose showcased her incredible voice.

Aine, who is representing Germany this year, not only stole the hearts of viewers at home because of her stunning green dress and her attractive personality, but because she’s also seriously, seriously talented.

Viewers took to Twitter immediately to praise the talented young lady, and it’s no wonder why.

”The Germany Rose has my vote! The voice of an actual angel’‘ wrote one viewer.

”That was stunning. I want her to sing at my funreal oh my goodness!” wrote another.

While another said: ”That was insane! Germany Rose to win!”.

Just wow!

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