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People Are Less Than Impressed With This New Jacket From Penneys


It’s really not often that people dislike items of clothes in Penneys is it?

Usually because of the fact that they’re usually bloody gorgeous, and so cheap that it doesn’t even matter if you love it to bits or not.

But this time around, people are seriously hating on this new floral patterned jacket which has just been added to their Spring/Summer collection.

Taking to Instagram to share their sheer distaste for the navy coloured coat, customers commented in their hundreds of how much they hated the overall style and pattern of it.

”I literally wouldn’t wear that if you paid me omg’‘ wrote one unhappy fan.

‘It looks like someone vomited on that, ate the vomit and then vomited on it again” wrote another.

While another simply wrote: ‘‘GOD no, just NO!”.

For only €14, it’s not THAT bad lads!

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