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Peter Skellern Dies Aged 69

Former pop star Peter Skellern has sadly died aged 69.

According to The Mirrorthe singer, who had a hit in the 1970s with You’re A Lady, died today following a battle with brain cancer.

His family said: “Peter’s creativity in art, comedy and music stand as his legacy to love and laughter.

“The love he brought to us will continue to be shared with everyone through his music.

“We will miss him with all our hearts.”

Skellern was ordained as a priest and a deacon on the same day last year after being given special dispensation by the Archbishop of Canterbury , Justin Welby.

Via Twitter

Two-and-half-years ago he was put forward for ordination training, and then diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour.

Skeller, a father of two, said of his diagnosis: ”For about a week I hung in this abyss and I just grabbed God. I was given a year to live and everything fell, apart from my belief in God”.

”Then God closed the ground beneath me and I became resigned and happy and I have been like that ever since”.

May he rest in peace.

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