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This poor pup swallowed 109 stones and a padlock

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11 week old Thor, a Dogue de Bordeaux, was rushed into surgery after he swallowed 109 stones and a padlock.

The pup gobbled the stones and padlock in 15 minutes, and his owner Damon Creevy said that he was “literally rattling as he walked”, according to The Mirror.

Despite swallowing the enormous amount of stones, the dog is said to be on the mend.

Vets who operated to save his life said they’ve often treated dogs who’ve swallowed stones, but nowhere near as many as Damon’s dog had.

Damon had left his new dog while he fixed sprinklers at the bowling club where he’s a member in St Monans, Fife, according to The Mirror.

However, he immediately knew there was something wrong.

“I could feel every stone in his stomach. I lay him down and I could hear them rattle as I rolled him over,” said Damon.

“He then started vomiting and brought up one of the red stone chips, often used on driveways.”

Damon rushed him to hospital were the vet explained the severity of the situation.

“If I hadn’t taken him in straight away he wouldn’t have made it. I never slept all night, I was that worried about him. We’d only had him a week.”

“He’s great now, but he’s not been near any stones since. I’ve got a muzzle on the way. I don’t want to use but I might have to.”

We’re glad to hear he’s doing ok!

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