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Positive development in Michaela McAreavey’s case as top Mauritian investigator appointed

John and Michaela

There has been a positive development in the Michaela McAreavey case today as it has been confirmed that the top Mauritian investigator has been appointed to the case.

The leading Mauritian investigator is renowned for his excellent track record in finding justice, and will now head up the search for Michaela McAreavey’s killers.

Showing serious weight is now being given to the case, Superintendent Daniel Monvoisin was finally put in charge of the case, following a successful petition by the Harte and the McAreavey families.

The latest positive development comes after Michaela’s husband John McAreavey, travelled to Mauritius to make a fresh appeal for justice for his late wife, who was murdered on the couple’s honeymoon.

The family are offering a €50,000 reward for information which might lead to the arrest of Michaela’s killers.

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