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Precious star Gabourey Sidibe Shows Off Incredible Transformation After Weight Loss Surgery

Gabourey Sidibe reveals she’s lost A LOT of weight since having laparoscopic bariatric surgery last May.

However, she won’t reveal the exact amount, saying that it’s ‘personal.’

In her new book This Is Just My Face: Try Not To Stare,’ the 33-year-actress reveals the surgery was a long time coming.

In it she reveals her battle with bulimia as a child and also opens up about being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

She has been sharing transformation snaps on Instagram:

Speaking to People the star said;

“I was in a war with my body.” 

“If I’d started treating it better sooner, I wouldn’t have spent some many years hating myself. But I love my body now. There’s nothing ugly about me.”

The star has gained new confidence, and says that at her fittings for Empire, her wardrobe specialist has to continuously change the fit as she keeps shrinking.

I used to hate mirror selfies. Now I do them everyday. I’m just too black and fine! I can’t help it! ✊???✊?

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The star opened up about her struggle with her weight when she was younger, saying;

“I was a fat kid, people said things about me that they didn’t say about other kids.”

She said that she coped being made fun of in her own way, but that she found it tough when her family began to pick on her.

In her early adulthood the star suffered from bulimia, saying;

The bulimia stuck around for about three years. Throwing up made me feel high.”

Because of her eating disorder surgery at that time was not an option.

The actress says she’s thrilled with her surgery results, and that she didn’t do it to look thin, but rather to be able to make it up some steps without being out of breath. Adding;

“I hope to God I don’t get skinny, if I could lose enough weight just to be a little chubby I would be over the moon! My beauty doesn’t come from a mirror, never has never will.”

We think she looks amazing! What a brave woman for opening up and being so honest…..

Story via The DailyMail.

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