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Puppy Found Completely Covered in Glue and Left to Die Gets Miracle Transformation



In November, Pascal horrified animal lovers everywhere when he was brought into the Istanbul-based rescue group He’Art of Rescue covered in glue and dragged through mud.

He was so stiff he could just barely move and had been left in a box to die.

The rescue group, which said it was kids who poured glue on the pup, said that the dried glue “became a second skin in time and as thick as the cement, preventing blood flow to several points in his body.”

Staff said Pascal moaned and dragged himself to a corner of the examination room and stared at staff in mistrust, a ‘broken’ soul.

When the stiff, thick glue was finally shaved completely off him and he could move again, staff said he stood in ‘shock’ for one day. His skin was red and raw.

With the love and care of the rescue group, he slowly learned to trust and allow people to handle him, and he beat his virus and began acting like a normal puppy.

All that remained was for the loving but traumatized pup to find a forever home.

In March, the group posted new pictures of an unrecognizable Pascal, now with a thick, fluffy, shiny new coat of fur.

‘HAPPY TIMES AFTER EVERYTHING HE WENT THROUGH FINALLY !!! PASCAL is spending the week-end with his family in Spain by the beach! Breathtaking view!’ wrote the group.

We are so glad that Pascal is happy now……

Pictures Via He’Art of Rescue Facebook page


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