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Puppy with 700 ticks needs blood transfusion after being rescued

A puppy found near Regina in Canada is lucky to be alive after being found in the wild covered in about 700 ticks.

Tic Tac, as she was named by her rescuers, was found near a reserve outside of Regina on Friday evening.

The co-founder of rescue shelter CC RezQs received a frantic text from a volunteer about the puppy, which was covered in ticks, lethargic and unable to stand.

Rodonets said their immediate goal was to get the dog to a clinic.

“If we can at least get it to the vet, it increases its chances of survival by 10-fold,” Rodonets said.

According to CBC  the puppy was found to have more than 300 large, fully engorged, ticks, and about 400 small ticks. It was also covered in fecal matter from the bugs.

Rather than heading home to their families, veterinary staff and animal rescuers spent four hours pulling ticks off of Tic Tac and shaving the puppy’s coat.

A small, weak body was revealed and the puppy was found to weigh only eight pounds.

Dr. Tanya Marshall from TM’z Vet Clinic ran some blood work and found Tic Tac’s red blood cell count was extremely low, requiring an urgent blood transfusion.

According to Marshall, the 12-week-old puppy would have died of blood loss if it wasn’t found.

Along with treatment for anemia, Tic Tac also required antibiotics for an infection the bites had caused.

Thankfully Tic Tac is now recovering well and on the mend.

“She’s adorable and she’s doing very, very well,” said Marshall.

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