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Who is Your Queen of Country Music?

We at are big fans of the Irish Country Music scene and have enjoyed watching this large genre of music grow in popularity over the last number of years. We frequently feature photo shoots and interviews with the hottest stars of country music within our magazine but want to know, who is your Queen of Country music? which one of the superbly talented ladies listed below is a permanent fixture of your country playlist? Irish Country Music singers are known to have such a strong, loyal fan base who support and follow their favourite artists to many venues across the country.

“Country music is still your grandpa’s music, but it’s also your daughter’s music. It’s getting bigger and better all the time and I’m glad to be a part of it” – Shania Twain

 Who is Your Queen of Country Music?

Voting lines close on Friday the 27th of September.



David Martin E M I Hayes Middlesex

A lot on this list are just average Club Singers but not Jacqui Sharkey and Catilin

Are the two outstanding singers for me I produce recordings for many

Solo Acts and Groups; These two have an identity I see Jacqui came second

thats okay ; There are no bad singers on the list but those two stand out



alex Oliver

fhiona should Have won
voted for her

Alex oliver


The Ray Peters Band

You got our vote Lisa Stanley

ken meakin

I cast my vote

Bill J

Congrats to Philomena who has been around for a while. But! I do not think she has or had the best voice.
Lisa McHugh for one, with an all round great voice should have won hands down.


Fair result. Philomena definitely queen of country. Jacqui Sharkey best singer in Ireland at the moment. Deserved second.

Denis Sweeney

Thanks to everybody who voted for Jacqui Sharkey for R.S.V.P magazine she came 2nd place and Congratulations to Philomena Begley who won the competition

Patrick Mcgarvey

Vote for jacqui sharkey she a local singer and she is the queen of country

Mary Hannon

I posted a comment earlier but do not see it now so I would like to repeat it please.

Philomena has not abdicated. She has stood the test of time and is a wonderful Ambassador for Ireland and Country Music.

Mary Hannon

Pholomena hasn’t abdicated, the title is hers as she has stood the test of time and is a super Ambassador for Ireland.

Kathleen Cahil

They all deserve the to earn The Title but for now it has to be the one and only PHILOMENA BEGLEY as she has been at the top of her career fo over 50 years and is still going strong. I remember when she was crowned Queen of Country Music at her 30th year in showbiz by our own Daniel Daniel , I wish her every success and good luck to all of these great ladies of country music they do Ireland proud.


Have to go for Mrs. Maguire !

Aine Hanratty


As you said yourself she has only begun doing tours over here & You are the promoter for Janey’s Irish tour as she is a Scottish sing

This poll is devoted to Irish singers on the Irish country music tour.

I guess that would be the reason why she has not included.

Personally, my vote would be Philomena, Susan & Margo. I have also dealt with professionally. They are as popular as ever & this is the testament to them being great Irish country singers.

Marie gordon

I vote Fiona. Good luck xx


A lot of great singers here but I have to give my vote to the girl from my half parish in Wexford and that is Fhiona Ennis. She has got an amazing voice and she is such a lovely girl. Good luck Fhiona !


A lot of great singers here but I have to give my vote to the girl from my half parish in Wexford and that is Fhiona Ennis. She has got an amazing voice and she is such a lovely girl. Good luck Fhiona !

Hawaiian Brian

What a talented group and though there are a few missing any of these ladies will sit on the throne with ease. My county affiliation won me over but only just.


theres no need for people to be so rude as in to say “Fhiona who?” , the sheer fact you do not know who she is simply proved you are not a true fan of country music. Fhiona is by far one of the best on this list and fully deserves to be doing as well as she is. Best of luck Fhiona, the winner in my eyes

Denis Sweeney

Get behind our local woman she in 3rd place at the moment Jacqueline Sharkey

Sinead Mc Donagh

Lisa McHugh is a great singer and love her Style 🙂


And Lisa McHugh may be a princess of Irish country Music but she’s no Queen. What has she achieved compared to Philomena Begley, Susan McCann, Sandy Kelly, Louise Morrisey or Mary Duff etc. etc.?


Fhiona who?!!

don maher

i would like to vote for them all as they are all great artists


They,re all great especially l morrissy, but it has to be philomena. She has filled more dance halls than the rest put together and still going strong. Fair play to ye


I was in awe of the great talent from Ireland to vote for,I decided on Fhiona Ennis for I love her voice,songs and personality.She has personally stayed in touch with me in Australia. I love all the girls from Ireland here but have a special love for Fhionna.

Malcolm McDowell

Great line up of singers with their own individual style, stage presence, personality, raw talent etc They are all fantastic. What about Muriel Day? She has a new country single out at the end of the month as part of a country album soon to be released

thetesa kehoe

Having backed most of the country singers in my time with my band Theresa and the stars for professionalism and being a true lady I give my vote to Louise Morrissey ive always said she is the best singer in Ireland and I’ll stand by that I hope its only one vote per person and we won’t get block voting for a particular singer which would spoil it.

Bernadette Mulcahy

I Would like to Vote for Louise Morrissey, what a powerful voice she has.

Margaret Mullally

I love a few ladies, but my vote gos to margo, I love her voice and the songs she sings, I’m listening to her since she started, lovely friendly lady to, good luck to them all


ive voted lisa mchugh, and saw she was holding the 1st position, which im not suprised with.

big marty

the best irish female singer of all aint on the list[sligo based ] margaret o rourke,her album home in ireland is a gem ,marty

edward duncan

Difficult to choose, they are all fantastic singers, but my vote lies with my very favourite and that’s the brilliant vocalist and
–The voice of an angel — Mary Duff

john Mcnamara

Has to be the one and only Philomena Begley not only is she a wonderful singer but also a lovely warm person

Tom Sharkey

I’d have to give my vote to Jacqui Sharkey. For her music, and not for our shared surname.
Oh…and it’d be nice if her surname was spelt correctly. It would make ME happier anyway.


Singing it like it is. 🙂

michael hynes

I know you have great artists listed. But what about Janey Kirk from Scotland who has just begun doing tours over here. This is Janey Kirk being interviewed by Seamus Quinn on Quinns Country on Cavan TV and which was screened on Friday 23rd August 2013;

Eamonn Murphy

I hope it is one vote per person.

Senan o'Flaherty

There is many great Country music Queens and each of them gave a lot to the music in Ireland.
I have been privilaged to listen and dance to nearly all the ladies in your poll, but one of the first ladies on the road was a little lady from the North west or as she would say herself. The WEE Northwest. Margo was the Queen, IS the Queen and will be the Queen for years to come.
She can stand on any stage with any one and her voice will be reconised no matter who is arund her.

Mary O'Brien

There are a lot of great singers in Ireland,many more than there are here.I have to vote for Margo, not just because she is a good singer.She is also a nice person too. She has been through a lot of health scares and illness through her many years in music,but picked herself up and got on with it.She is also a great performer and entertainer.World class, I would say.I have been lucky to write a good few songs for Margo, as I have for a lot of the singers here.Margo is a genious at taking a song and making it her own,every time, and I love that in any singer.Good luck ladies.You are all wonderful.

Mary O’Brien

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