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Real Life Story: “The first time I suffered hair loss was 10 years ago”

“The first time I suffered hair loss was 10 years ago”

Gerda shares her hair loss journey:


The first time I suffered hair loss was 10 years ago when I came to the country from South Africa and I started a new job.  The level of stress was reflected in the sudden hair loss I experienced!  It was truly awful and so unexpected.  I always had lovely thick, long hair and my confidence took a nose dive. Hair contributes greatly to a women’s sense of self, of who she is.  It’s hard to explain just how debilitated I felt and I have so much empathy for anyone experiencing loss of hair.

I saw an advertisement for Nourkrin WOMAN in a magazine and I rushed out to buy my first box. 

I am so grateful for this amazing product, my hair stopped falling out and from the moment I started taking the tablets I felt calmer inside.  My hair gradually thickened again as I continued taking the tablets for a six month period.  Since then I’ve had other times of stress which have affected my hair, but I’ve felt inwardly reassured knowing my they would rescue me yet again.

When I think of Nourkrin, I think of people who understand how stressful life can be and who help alleviate the extra stress and trauma that hair loss brings to a person.  Everyone can benefit from these products and I would recommend that if you’re out there and feeling distressed because of your hair, buy these products now and experience the amazing benefit of your hair and confidence being restored and revitalized. 


Throughout their lives, 60% of women and 80% of men will experience some form of hair loss. Whilst there are many factors that can lead to this, almost all types of hair loss have a disrupted Hair Growth Cycle in common.  A Hair Growth Cycle is the body’s natural hair growth regulating mechanism and it must be supported and maintained in order to achieve hair growth. Society is relatively accepting of hair loss affecting men, but for women, the topic has remained very much taboo and as such women can feel alone and unsure of where to turn for help.

Nourkrin is available from health stores and pharmacies nationwide.

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