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WHEELS AND HEELS: When To Replace Tyres to ensure safer driving

  ANN’S ADVICE: DRIVING TIPS: When To Replace Tyres: The long dreary nights are not far away, meaning our typical Irish winter weather will be arriving shortly too. To get ready for the frosty roads, you may need to change your car tyres to ensure safer driving. But how do you know when to invest […]

WHEELS AND HEELS: Back-To-School Safety Tips

ANN’S ADVICE: Back-To-School Safety Tips: It’s officially back to school season which means multiple things to many different people but most importantly it means roads will be busier again! (1) Slow Down! Most speed limits have been reduced around school zones. (2) More pedestrians on the roads Take extra care to look out for children […]

WHEELS AND HEELS: 5 ways to reduce car insurance costs

Ann’s Advice: 5 WAYS TO KEEP YOUR CAR COOL THIS SUMMER We might not get super-hot summers, but it’s still important to safe-guard your wheels during the warmer months… 1. KEEP IN THE SHADE WHEN POSSIBLE – Find shaded parking when you can – there’s nothing worse than sitting onto a roasting hot seat or […]

Exclusive 172 Black Pack Upgrade offer With Mini Cooper Hatch This Weekend

  This Friday and Saturday, COLM QUINN MINI, Glasson Road, Athlone, are unveiling their latest MINI style, the MINI Black Pack Edition, which looks just as good as it sounds. Get your new MINI Cooper Hatch with free Black Pack upgrade (worth €1,500), yours from just €144 per month, with 2.9% APR* and a €1,000 […]

WHEELS AND HEELS: Buying a brand new 172 car? Here’s what you need to do.

ANN’S ADVICE – Buying a brand new 172 car? (1) RESEARCH – Research cars online and pick a few features you want/need. (2) CHECK FOR OFFERS – See what offers are available for 172 such as scrappage/free insurance, tax, etc. (3) TEST DRIVE – Test drive a few cars and treat them as you would […]


ANN’S ADVICE: One of the best ways you can keep your vehicle running for a long time is by maintenance. Regular inspections on your car before any check engine lights come on can keep the powertrain going strong. It can also help save unexpected repair costs. Here are a few reminders to ensure your car […]

WHEELS AND HEELS: 5 Quick And Easy Ways To Cut Your Fuel Costs

ANN’S ADVICE – Test Drive Advice (1) RESEARCH – Do your homework – have a look at a few cars you’re interested in and do your research before going for a test drive. Know what you want from a car such as space, efficiency, etc. (2) BOOK AHEAD – Set up an appointment – call […]

STARS AND THEIR CARS: Darren Kennedy and his Renault Mégane GT Line

TV presenter and style icon Darren Kennedy has an affinity to all things French after living and working in France for two years. He adores the language, the culture, the food and now the cars. He drives a Renault Mégane GT Line which is a “sporty number with plenty of attitude and style” – just […]

WHEELS AND HEELS: How To Avoid A The Dreaded Breakdown

Ann’s Advice: The number of Irish motorists experiencing breakdowns has risen 5% year on year, according to the experts at AA. This is more likely to happen as the colder weather sets in, so it’s important to ensure your car is winter ready. (1) Check your battery This is the most common cause of winter […]

WHEELS AND HEELS: Top Tips For Keeping Your Insurance Costs Down

ANN’S ADVICE….. With Car insurance prices on the rise once again here are a few tips to keeping your insurance costs lower.   (1) THINK BEFORE YOU BUY – What insurance do you need? Fully comprehensive? Third party fire and theft? Not an option for everyone but younger drivers may not always need all-inclusive insurance. […]

Wheels and Heels: Top Tips For Planning A Spring Road Trip

Whether you’re going on a quick weekend escape or a cross-country trek, follow these guidelines to ensure a safe, but fun-filled time. TAKING YOUR CAR? – Make sure its service is up to date – nothing dampens a road trip spirit more than sitting at the side of the road waiting on a tow truck. FILL […]

WHEELS AND HEELS: Things to consider when booking a car service

ANN’S ADVICE: Getting your vehicle checked regularly may be one of the most important things you can do, but it tends to be overlooked a lot of the time. A service is often the difference between a minor issue and a much more costly and dangerous issue down the line. Here are a couple of […]

WHEELS AND HEELS: Hints and Tips for 171 Car Buying

January marks the start of the 171 car buying season. For anyone working in the motor industry, this is what we’ve been working towards for the past three months! Yes, cars are hugely expensive, but they’re also a significant investment in your life, so do your research before shopping around to ensure you get the […]


Key considerations before choosing the car for you in 2017

While the boom may not be back, people are certainly spending again, with the latest report indicating that almost half of Irish people questioned, plan on buying a car next year. But with such a large purchase, it’s essential to have your facts straight, whether you’re a first time driver or a seasoned pro. […]


Wheels and Heels: Quick Guide to changing a puncture

ANN’S ADVICE: Quick Guide to changing a puncture:  (1) Make sure your car is secure on flat ground, in first gear, with the handbrake on. (2) Next you will need a spare tyre, a jack, a wheel brace, a Hi-Vis vest and a triangle. Place the triangle about 20m behind the car to alert other drivers. […]


Free car insurance for 2 years for new Nissan buyers

Yes, you read correctly, free car insurance for 2 years for new Nissan buyers. We know it sounds too good to be true but it’s not.  As a result of all of the doom and gloom surrounding insurance, especially for women, Nissan has decided to give us an early Christmas present by providing two year’s […]


WHEELS AND HEELS: Tips the ensure your car is winter ready

The number of Irish motorists experiencing breakdowns has risen 5% year on year, according to the experts at AA. This is more likely to happen as the colder weather sets in, so it’s important to ensure your car is winter ready. (1) Check your battery This is the most common cause of winter breakdowns. Cold and […]


Top Ten most researched cars on for October #AskCarzone

Irish family buyers are clearly in love with the SUV segment right now, as six SUV-style cars feature in the top 10 this month, this is according to Carzone expert Ailish Tully.   “Topping the list is the increasingly popular Hyundai Tucson, which just launched in Ireland this year and is currently the best-selling new […]


WHEELS AND HEELS With Ann Harvey: How to survive the NCT

Ann’s Advice: The majority of people will go through the NCT System at least once in their lives. This year so far, more than 488,559 cars have failed the National Car Test. Here’s a helpful guide on preparing your car and how to survive the NCT.  • MY FIRST TIP IS MOST IMPORTANT – KNOW YOUR […]