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Great PRIDE For Fota Wildlife Park As It Announces It’s New Arrivals!

Picture: Darragh Kane Fota Wildlife Park, in Cork, yesterday announced the news that for the first time in the parks history, three (as yet unsexed) Asian lion cubs were born on August 13, to first time parents, mother Gira and father Shanto. Mother Gira gave birth to the three little cubs after 112 days of […]

Paws For Thought With Fair City’s Aoibheann McCaul And Her Dog Bailey

Fair City’s Aoibheann McCaul and her dog, Bailey, are both fiercely independent but they can also have their “moods”. Often spotted trying to carry blankets around the house, little Bailey – named after the famed Irish drink – is kind, caring and not afraid to go mountain climbing. Chatting to RSVP’s Mikie O’Loughlin, the soap […]

Cork woman makes world’s biggest cake — just for dogs

Cork’s Jacqui Griffin has broken a Guinness Record by making the world’s biggest cake – just for dogs! The cake, suitable for canines, weighed almost 91.8kgs. The prior record was 68.45kg for a similar cake that was baked in the UK to celebrate Prince William and Kate’s wedding in 2011. Announcing the news on Facebook, […]

Mother Sees Son Kill Family Dog And Worries She Has ‘traumatised’ him

A distraught mother shared a disturbing video on Mumsnet asking advice after she believes she may have ‘traumatised’ her four-year-old son after she found out he ‘accidentally’ killed their family puppy. According to the Irish Mirror, the woman wrote, “We brought home our beautiful brown puppy seven days ago. Yesterday I found her dead in […]

PAWS FOR THOUGHT: Holly Carpenter and her Chihuahua pup Juno

Dogs can be quite demanding and require a lot of attention from their owners and nobody understands this better than model and TV personality, Holly Carpenter. She admits little Juno can be a bit of a “princess” just like her, but the twinkle in her eye means that she can never give out to the […]

This Is The Cutest Dog In The World According To Instagram

Could this be the cutest dog in the world? One little teacup pup is causing a buzz on social media with people obsessing over its cuteness. Photographs of the white puppy show the minuscule canine wearing a tiny baby pink ‘warmie’, or dog jumper, with gold embroidery on the back and a sparkly black bow […]

Top Tips For Caring For A New Puppy

Congratulations, you’re a proud new dog owner, and your little bundle of joy is ridiculously cute! Now comes the hard part: learning how to care for a puppy. Feeding a newborn puppy Just like with human babies, the mother’s milk contains everything that the newborn needs to survive and grow for the first four weeks. […]

National charity, AADI, welcomes eight new pups following first breeding programme

On July 11th, Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland (AADI) announces the success of its new breeding programme, following the birth of the national charity’s first litter of puppies.  The eight Golden Retriever/Labrador cross pups are part of a programme initiated two years ago to tackle the five-year waiting list for children with autism who need a […]

How long can you leave a dog at home alone for?

      As much as we’d love to spend 24 hours a day with our four legged friends, sometimes it just isn’t possible – but how long is it ok to leave a dog home alone for? Each dog is different, but the recommended maximum amount of time to leave your dog alone is […]

10 Pups Rescued At Dublin Port

10 dogs have been seized at Dublin Port today. Customs found them after officers stopped two men getting off a ferry from Holyhead, according to the DSPCA. The Irish men in their 50s had no passports for the animals. The pups have had veterinary care at the DSPCA and are not available for rehoming at present. […]

This Dog About To Be Adopted Refused To Leave Without Her Best Friend

This dog was about to be adopted but she refused to leave without her best friend. And now, seven years on, they’re still inseparable. Lucy and Sully ended up at the shelter around the same time, and as soon as they met, they became inseparable, according to The Dodo. However, someone saw Lucy’s photo online […]

This guys service dog got his very own photo in the yearbook

This guys service dog got his very own photo in the yearbook- and it is the most adorable thing you’ll see! Our hearts can’t cope with this. 16-year-old Andrew Schalk has Type 1 diabetes and Alpha helps alert him when his blood sugar is getting too low or high. Students at Virginia high school must have […]

Daughter Trolls Mother By Replacing Family Photos With Pictures Of Their Dog

A daughter has brilliantly trolled her mother by replacing all their family pictures with photos of their dog in different costumes. We love this so much! Marissa Hooper of Waxahachie, Texas wanted to check if her parents would notice that she’d swapped the portraits around the house for similar looking ones of the dog. So the 21 year old […]

Coast guard rescues dogs in difficulty in Dublin

A coast guard saved two dogs who got into difficulty during the good weather. The two pooches got into difficulty on Tuesday the 20th of June, but luckily the coast guard was there to help. One of the dogs got into difficulty after swimming into the shipping lane off Dollymount. While Marley, a 3 year old […]

Here’s some signs of heatstroke in dogs that will help you save your pooch

Here’s some of the signs of heatstroke in dogs that will help you save your pooch. Antiques Roadshow star Katherine Higgins was left totally devastated after her two dogs passed away during the heatwave. The antiques expert, 50, is believed to have taken the labradors – called Monty and Daisy – for a walk with her […]