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Irish Red Setter dogs rescued from a waterlogged back garden

Two Irish Red Setter dogs have been rescued from a waterlogged back garden by the ISCPA. ISPCA Inspector Karen Lyons visited the property in Sligo and discovered the dogs in extremely poor shape.   The dogs were living in unsuitable conditions in a waterlogged back garden filled with dangerous discarded materials. The dogs were seized […]

7 week old puppies dumped in a box and left to die

Five 7 week old puppies have been discovered discarded in a box in the Meelin area of North Cork The puppies were taken to the ISPCA Equine Rescue Centre in Mallow for vet assessment and treatment. All of the puppies presented with swollen abdomens from parasite infestation and were very dull and lethargic. They are […]

The Weekly Woof: Moe

Each week we take a look at some of Ireland’s most loved and adored dogs, from Cork to Dublin, Donegal to Carlow, these pets are just so darn cute! Dogs name: Moe Owners name: Lauren Walsh and Dean Carolan Age: 2 years and 10 months Breed: Pugalier What is the quirkiest or most annoying habit […]

Proof that Dog is Man’s Best Friend

  Dogs never forget- While they may forget you stepping on their paw by accident they will never forget the bond you share together. Basically they will always have you’re back. Dogs can sometimes read people better than you- Dogs have an acute olfactory sense that reacts on fear, meaning dogs are able to pick […]

The dogs that guard little penguins

The only more adorable than little penguins is cute dogs guarding little penguins! Middle Island is located just off the Warrnambool Breakwater in Australia. Middle Island went from an approx penguin breeding population of 800 penguins in 1999, to less than 10 identified birds in the 2005 breeding season. This decline was primarily through fox […]

Dogs and puppies found living in squalor with no access to food or water

11 dogs were found living in unsuitable conditions at a property in Tipperary.   ISPCA Inspector Alice Lacey discovered the dogs having no access to water, food or adequate shelter. One of the female German shepherd dogs was found with a heavy chain attached to her that had become embedded into her skin. There was […]

Adopt a dog: These dogs are all in need of loving homes

Name: BIRDIE | Breed: Terrier X | Age: 10 weeks. | Sex: Female Birdie is bossy, playful and good natured and puts herself to bed when she’s had enough of play. She has had her first vaccination and worm dose. She is almost house trained. If you would like to adopt her, please TELEPHONE 086-1653197. […]

Foods to avoid feeding your dog this Christmas

So you are eating your favourite treat and your little dog is just standing there, with his googly puppy eyes, looking at you, and you throw them a piece, and think, what harm? Well there actually is a lot of harm. Certain foods can make our little doggy’s very sick.  We got in touch with […]

Weekly Woof: Brandon Crowley

Each week we take a look at some of Ireland’s most loved and adored dogs, from Cork to Dublin, Donegal to Carlow, these pets are just so darn cute! Dogs Name: Brandon Crowley Owners name: Donna Crowley Age: 9 Breed: Chocolate Labrador What is the quirkiest and/or most annoying habit she he does? Brandon will […]

ŠKODA Raise €125,000 for Dogs Trust

  ŠKODA have raised a whopping €125,000 for Dogs Trust The Money was raised through a competition to win a brand new ŠKODA Fabia. ŠKODA Ambassador Vogue Williams was on hand today to present winner Domingas Francisco Lourenco from Prosperous, Co. Kildare, with the early Christmas present. The money raised will go towards micro-chipping, neutering and vaccinating […]

Adopt a Dog: Animals in need of loving homes

The ISPCA are in need of loving families for some adorable animals: Holly Holly is a gorgeous and playful little puppy that’s full of mischief like all young pups. She is so much fun, she will make the perfect addition to any family and she will make a fantastic family pets. Holly is still a […]

ALDI’s doggy christmas jumpers

We think these are the best Christmas jumpers we’ve ever seen! ALDI have designed their own range of doggy Christmas jumpers. The woolly knits come in a variety of designs, including Fair Isle, Christmas Elf, Santa, Reindeer or Christmas Pudding. The festive garments are both stylish and practicle, with a hole for a lead and ribbed […]

Don’t give a puppy as a surprise gift this Christmas says the ISPCA

The ISPCA has issued a warning that pets do not make good Christmas gifts and should never be bought on a whim or given as a surprise. Researching the right pet for your household and lifestyle is very important say the animal charity. “There are a number of unscrupulous breeders who cater for the Christmas […]

Galway councillor suggests two dog limit per house

A Galway county councillor has suggested that there should be a maximum of two dogs per house. According to the councillor, there are so many dogs in County Galway that households should be restricted to a maximum of two. The suggestion was made at a meeting of Galway County Council during a debate on littering […]

2015’s most popular dog names recently released its list of the most popular dog names in 2015 and it seems most families are choosing “people” names for their pets. It turns out that many of the top names – like Bella, Sophie, Max and Charlie — are also ranked in the top 100 baby names for 2015. Brandie Gonzales from, told […]

The Weekly Woof: Ted

Each week we take a look at some of Ireland’s most loved and adored dogs, from Cork to Dublin, Donegal to Carlow, these pets are just so darn cute! Dogs Name: Ted Owners name: Joyce Carolan Age: 15 months Breed: Cavachon What is the quirkiest and/or most annoying habit she she does? He is a […]

Puppy Rescued From Fire In Limerick By Rescue Service To Make Full Recovery

  A little puppy was rescued from the Byrne Avenue, in Limerick on Tuesday morning after the Limerick City Fire and Rescue service received calls from worried neighbours as they noticed smoke and flames blazing from the house. It is believed to be a suspected arson attack as the residents of the house were not home […]

What your Dog Breed Say’s About You

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and are loveable no matter what, but ever wondered why you’re particularly drawn to a certain breed of dog? We have the answers. Terriers– Terrier owners are said to be feisty and energetic just like terriers themselves. They have no problem talking the night away and have a […]

Ireland’s Top Dog Hotels

Does your stressed out pet need a bit of time away? We’ve got the perfect places that they can go to unwind on a relaxing doggy holiday. No we’re not kidding! Check out these real life Irish dog hotels:   The DSPCA Pet Spa and Hotel No-one can replace you in your pet’s life, but […]

Now you can track your pet’s every move with a Pet GPS

For anyone who has ever wondered what your cat really gets up to as he roams around your neighbourhood, or had a dog who loves to sneak off on adventures, this is the gadget you’ve been waiting for! Now you can make sure your pets are safe with a Pet GPS Tracker thanks to Munster […]