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Meet Belle, Erin, and Taffy, some of the cutest rescue dogs

Rescuing a dog instead of buying is such an important thing. Not only are you stopping dogs from being bred in possibly terrible conditions, but you’re also giving a dog a second chance at having a forever happy home. One person who knows all about the importance of rescuing dogs, is Siobhain, who has rescued […]

‘A shocking case of animal cruelty’ Kittens dumped in clothes recycling bank

  Three kittens were dumped at a clothes recycling bank in Cork on Thursday. Cork woman Maureen, spoke to Neil Prendeville on Cork’s RedFM to describe how her daughter found the kittens. Her daughter was using the clothes recycling bank at Douglas Court Shopping Centre in Douglas, Cork, when she heard tiny meows coming from […]

Meet Buster; Ireland’s Insta-Famous doggie

Meet Buster; Ireland’s Insta-Famous doggie. Buster, a rescue dog, was rescued back in 2003 when he was aound 2 or 3 years of age. Fast forward 14 years and he’s not only found a forever home, but he’s also become a small time celebrity, with over 12.5K followers on his Instagram page. Speaking to RSVP, […]

This Irish veterinary nurse in Perth customises dog casts

  This Irish veterinary nurse in Perth customises dog casts to cheer up their families after surgery, and it’s so adorable. Kate Doyle, who moved from Waterford to Perth in 2011, has been working as a veterinary nurse there since her move. And she’s become famous for the most adorable reason. She customises dog casts to […]

Malnourished ISPCA dog defies all odds and gives birth to seven puppies

  Dottie arrived at the ISPCA severely malnourished as well as heavily pregnant – so much so that veterinary nurses were doubtful that poor Dottie and her puppies would survive. But last Monday, she successfully gave birth by emergency C-section to seven little puppies (two boys and five girls). This is all due to the […]

Revenue Officers seize three puppies from back of a van at Dublin Port

Revenue Officers at Dublin Port seized three puppies last week, after finding them in the back of a van that had just arrived to the country. The officers stopped and questioned two men and a woman who were in the vehicle. The dogs are now in the care of the DSPCA. Veterinary examinations on all […]

Puppy with 700 ticks needs blood transfusion after being rescued

A puppy found near Regina in Canada is lucky to be alive after being found in the wild covered in about 700 ticks. Tic Tac, as she was named by her rescuers, was found near a reserve outside of Regina on Friday evening. The co-founder of rescue shelter CC RezQs received a frantic text from […]

Dublin’s Pupp cafe is open for Dinner

Dublin’s dog friendly cafe, Pupp, is now open for dinner. The cafe, which originally opened for Brunch only, is now launching evening meals this week. The cafe will open till a later time of 5.30pm-9.30pm from Wednesdays to Saturdays, where they will serve a dinner menu. And the menu looks delicious. Much like their brunch menu, […]

Kid Graduates High School With His Amazing Dog

This kid graduated high school with his amazing dog. Tyler McCready and his faithful pup, Sinatra, graduated high school together. Their friendship has been literally been life saving, according to the Dodo. Tyler, who lives in Arkansas, has type-1 diabetes, which means he has to monitor his blood sugar levels frequently, however it’s not always easy […]

PAWS FOR THOUGHT-Mairéad Ronan introduces us to Murphy

A family pet can really make a house a home and nobody knows this better than Irish broadcaster turned entrepreneur, Mairéad Ronan, whose fluffy pooch has transformed her household. She chats to RSVP’s Mikie O’Loughlin about her Lhasa Apso pup, Murphy, who thinks he is a brother to her seven-month-old daughter, Eliza – and why […]

Two brave dogs work together to save their owner from ‘drowning’

Two brave dogs proved they were man’s best friends after saving their owner from ‘drowning’. They were being trained as rescue dogs, but didn’t realise that the man was only pretending to be in danger. So they dived into the choppy river and worked together to pull their owner to safety. The dogs, one called […]

Stray dog leads rescuers to her litter of ten puppies

  A stray dog who continued escaping a re-homing centre has led her rescuers to her litter of ten puppies, which it turns out she had been running off to feed. 33-year-old Krystle Woodward from Fowler in California runs a non-profit animal rescue centre called Pinky Paws Rescue, according to Metro UK. She was first […]

Boy With Autism Who Loves Pugs Gets An Amazing Birthday Surprise

This boy with Autism who loves pugs gets an amazing Birthday surprise. Andrew, a 14 year old boy, with autism, and his favorite thing in the entire world is pugs. When he was little, Andrew didn’t have a lot of friends, and so he created a cast of imaginary friends to hang out with, all […]

Dog obesity is on the rise. Is your dog obese?

Worrying new research has revealed that as many as up to four million dogs in the UK are overweight. The study reveals that one in four dog-owners have had to put their dog on a diet, with a third guilty of overfeeding their dog, according to the Mirror. The research was undertaken by dog diet website, So what […]

Irish Animal Shelter Appeal for Home for Teddy the Puppy

  An appeal to help re-home an adorable puppy has gotten a massive response from kind-hearted Irish people who wanted to help. Last Chance Animals shared a message asking the public to help re-home a tiny puppy named Teddy, after his original home few through Taking to their Facebook page, they wrote: “So little Teddy is […]

Your dog could be key to helping you get in shape for summer

Your dog could be to answer to helping you get in shape this Summer. On top of their unconditional love, and just all round cuteness, your dog could help you to get moving and get that Summer body you’ve been aiming for. These are a few of the ways in which having a dog could benefit you […]