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Video: Dubliner Gets Manhood Trapped in Zipper “Something About Mary” style

A Dublin man John Wyley was rushed to hospital this week after getting his manhood stuck in his fly zipper. The painful incident happened when he was organising a charity fundraiser in a pub in Balbriggan. John’s painful struggle was recorded and uploaded to YouTube by his friend and the owner of the pub Hamlet […]

E.L James Launches The Fifty Shades Of Grey Official Pleasure Collection

What can we say; the woman gives people what they want. The novel, Fifty Shades of Grey, has officially sold more than 100 million copies worldwide, so a sex toy range designed around the book’s antics was inevitable. Two years ago, the leading British sex toy manufacturers, Love Honey, signed an exclusive deal to the […]

Watch the moment three childhood friends surprise their families from Australia

Their mothers thought because they had lost a quiz  and had missed out on a chance to see them… There are lots of homecoming videos online that show families becoming extremely emotional when their loved ones fly home from abroad, but there is something really special about this one! Three best friends, from Swords, Co […]

Irish Girl Facing Jail Time In Australia After Hiding Body Of Newborn Baby

  A young Irish girl has been charged with hiding the body of her newborn baby in Western Australia. The 25-year-old reportedly did not realise she was pregnant, she gave birth sometime in May while home alone in the town of Halls Creek. According to the Irish Mirror, the woman is believed to have hid […]


  I don’t like the word ‘Hate’ as it makes me very sad. And when someone tells me that they hate another person, I do my very best to warn them of the consequences, and the effects it will have on their soul & everyday life. But, it’s fair to say that we all have […]

RSVP’s Top Three Stories Of The Day

In case you missed them, here are our top three stories of the day: 1. WOMEN WHO FINDS HER BIOLOGICAL MOTHER DISCOVERS SHE HAS MARRIED HER BROTHER A Brazilian woman, who went in search of her biological mother found out her ‘husband’ is also her half-brother. Read it here. 2. FIVE BOYS AGED 13 AND 14 CHARGED […]

Hundreds of tablets found in children’s playground in Dublin

A Dublin Councillor has raised concerns after hundreds of pills were discovered thrown around a children’s playground in an apartment complex in Dublin. A horrified resident in the Mercer Street flats, off St Stephen’s Green in Dublin, collected around 300 white tablets around the complex. Councillor Mannix Flynn raised the issue and urged the Dublin […]

Teacher turns up at school drunk and naked from the waist down

A female teacher was arrested in the US after she turned up for the first day of school drunk and missing her pants. The 49 year old teacher was found by her colleagues slumped over a desk in the wrong classroom and naked form the waist down after drinking vodka before she arrived. Police Chief […]

Man arrested for pretending to be a ghost

    Who you gonna call? A man Portsmouth was arrested for pretending to be a ghost. Yes… you did read that correctly. 24 year old Anthony Stallard was seen making spooky noises and throwing himself backwards as mourners paid there respects at a cemetery. Mr Stallard was arrested by police and fined £35 whilst also […]

Bus Victim speaks out about attack

A young woman has spoken out after she was randomly attacked by a stranger on Dublin bus. The attack was caught on camera, and the woman has said it was unprovoked. The video clip showed the woman being repeatedly punched in the head by a man. The victim, from Central America, was on her way […]

Could this be the best thing to happen on Tinder

We have all seen the numerous funny chat up lines that have been used on Tinder, but we really think we have found the best one yet. This lad gets A’s across the board for this hilarious chat-up line. The guy, from Mayo, decided to come up with a little poem about his life to […]

Five Boys Aged 13 And 14 Charged With Rape Of Young Girl

  Five boys, aged 13 and 14 have been charged with rape according to West Yorkshire Police. They announced last night that two boys ages 13 and three aged 14 were charged with the rape of a girl under 13. The statement on their website read, “Five boys aged 13, 13, 14, 14 and 14 […]

Women Who Finds Her Biological Mother Discovers She Has Married Her Brother

  A Brazilian woman, who went in search of her biological mother dramatically found out her ‘husband’ is also her half-brother. Adriana contacted a radio station in the city to ask for help to find her mother, two weeks later they were reunited live on air, according to the Mirror. During the interview with Radio […]

Winner of Tonight’s Jackpot Lotto Lives In South East

One lucky Irish person has become €6million richer tonight. The single winning ticket was sold in the South East of the country for a jackpot of exactly €5,935,632. Another person matched five numbers and the bonus number, winning €25,000. There was no winner of the Lotto Plus1 or Plus2 prizes. For the love of God, […]