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Dublin Spire May Be Renamed After the Late Nelson Mandela

According to the Irish Times, a special committee of Dublin City Council will today hold a meeting to discuss the possibility of renaming the Spire on O’Connell Street after Nelson Mandela. While an existing rule states that monuments cannot be dedicated to people until 20 years after their death, Dermot Lacey, who is the chairperson of […]

RSVP’s Top 3 Stories Of The Day

There is a lot of showbiz scandal and interesting news that unfolds throughout each day, and let’s be honest, it can be hard to keep up with. So we here at RSVP have rounded up the top 3 most popular stories of the day so you will always be in the know.   1. Spoiler Alert: […]

Controversial Plastic Surgery App For Children Is Pulled From Stores

A controversial app that encouraged little girls to fix Barbie’s body using virtual plastic surgery procedures has been pulled from iTunes and Google Play after causing uproar on the Internet. The app, named Plastic Surgery & Plastic Doctor & Plastic Hospital Office for Barbie Version and rated for children from as young as NINE YEARS, […]

VIDEO: Boy Battling Ageing Disease Dies But Leaves Us Filled With Inspiration

Sam Berns, a 17-year-old Massachusetts high school junior, has died after battling an extremely rare genetic condition that drastically accelerates the ageing process. Sam’s life dealing with the illness progeria was the subject of a documentary film that was recently shortlisted for an Academy Award. His death was a result of complications with the disease […]

Spoiler Alert: Hayley’s Final Scene Revealed

Julie Hesmondhalgh who plays Hayley Cropper in Coronation street has opened up about her final scenes and said there was “an almost holy atmosphere” during her last scene, which see’s her character, who is fighting cancer, commit suicide. The scene was death with sensitively and shot in one take and both David Neilson, who plays […]

Dublin Man With Seven Week Erection Treated Successfully

A 22-year-old man has successfully been treated for a seven-week erection in a Dublin hospital. The erection began when the young man fall off his bike and injured himself on the crossbar causing a high flow of blood to his penis which would not reside. He did not go to Tallaght hospital until five weeks […]

VIDEO: Nidge Impersonator Eoin Duffy Does His Best Fran Impression!

He captured the attention of ‘Love/Hate’ fans the country over with his fantastic impression of Nidge wishing his mother a happy birthday, and now he’s back and showing us that his talents don’t just stop at Nigel! Irish man Eoin Duffy, who is based in Vancouver, shot to fame in Ireland when his birthday message […]

VIDEO: A Blast from the Past Courtesy of Zig and Zag!

Flashback Friday may be four days away, but we decided to make it Memory Monday when we stumbled across this piece of video gold! The year was 1994 and Zig and Zag were the coolest puppets on the scene since Bosco had rocked our childhood years. This tune rang many a bell here in the […]

Mickey Harte Gives John’s New Relationship His Blessing

RSVP were delighted when we heard that John McAreavey, who tragically lost his wife Michaela on their honeymoon in Mauritius in 2011, has found love again, three years after his wife’s horrific murder. The Irish Independent report this morning that John visited Michaela’s parents ‘out of respect’ and told them about his new relationship and […]

American Hustle, 12 Years A Slave And Breaking Bad Win Big At Golden Globes

From red carpet dress disasters to drunken on-stage antics, last night’s Golden Globes certainly served up plenty of entertainment. The show opened with Jennifer Lawrence predictably picking up the award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in American Hustle. The actress looked gorgeous in a strapless white Dior gown with black ribbon detail, hugging […]

VIDEO: Man Embraces Wild Lion And Something Amazing Happens

Kevin Richardson is a South African Zoologist and a very brave man. The below YouTube clip is astonishing to watch as we see Kevin, who has conducted extensive research on the native animals of the African plains, being embraced by wild lions. We are not kidding. Mr Richardson has managed to build this extraordinary relationship […]

What A Dog Gets Up To When His Owner Is Away

Ever wonder what your dog gets up to when you are out at work? Rodd Scheinerman of Arizona noticed that food had begun mysteriously disappearing so he decided to set up a camera to find out exactly what was going. However he was in for a shock when he watched the footage back. Scheinerman’s pet […]

Tot’s Priceless Reaction To Seeing Father’s Twin Brother

A little girl was introduced to her father’s twin brother for the first time and her reaction, which was caught on camera, was priceless. The confused toddler looks repeatedly from her father to her uncle and can’t seem to figure out what exactly is going on. She is in her Dad’s arms, so who is […]

Online Dating Revealed – Shock: Women Like Money Men Like Thin

It’s a tough world out there for singles; it can be brutal, lonely and at times really fun. But if you’re ready to settle down, you’re not alone. January is the most popular month for singles to join dating websites and these days the suitor options available to you seem endless. It can be hard […]

Sleeping Man Woken by Cockroach Crawling In His Ear

A man in Australia has spoken about the excruciating pain he suffered after a cockroach burrowed into his ear as he slept. Hendrick Helmer was awoken by the sensation of the insect inside of his ear and after an attempt to suck it out with his vacuum cleaner failed, he was rushed to hospital in […]

Columnist Liz Jones Slates Brendan O’Connor Over Embarrassing Plastic Surgery Jibe

She may be playing it surprisingly safe in the Celebrity Big Brother house but Liz Jones couldn’t resist taking a swipe at Irish presenter Brendan O’Connor in her latest column for You magazine in today’s Daily Mail. Judging from her latest piece, the columnist was left distinctly unimpressed after her recent appearance on The Saturday […]

US Government Pumping Quarter Of A Million Dollars Into Finding The Perfect Condom

It is being reported that the US government are pumping a staggering quarter of a million dollars worth of taxpayers’ money into research to find the perfect condom. According to the New York Post, the National Institutes of Health are testing out no less than 95 ‘custom fitted’ condoms to ensure that every man has […]