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Things Women Should NEVER Do While On Their Period

When you’re on your period, there are a number of activities you definitely don’t feel like doing because of how your how your body feels. There are also a number of things you should never do on your period, not just because they don’t feel great, but because they could also harm your health or make […]

Five Things You Should Never Do Before Having Sex

Believe it or not, there are lots of things that we’re not supposed to do before and after sex, and avoiding them could make a big difference on what’s about to go down.  So take note ladies: Taking an Antihistamine Antihistamines work by drying out your mucus membranes to relieve nasal congestion… and in doing […]

Boy cuts his mums hair while playing “hairdressers”

Boy cuts his mums hair while playing “hairdressers”- and she was horrified. Can you imagine this happen? The young boy wanted to recreate an online video, however he took things a bit too far. The youngster was pretending to be at the hairdressers, brushing his mum’s hair and using scissors to make soft snipping noises, […]

Bride Reveals Doing This One Thing RUINED Her Wedding Day

  Instead of waking up with happy memories after her wedding day, Hollie Syme was mortified by recollections of slurry speeches, drunken dancing, vomiting and falling out with her new husband, all in front of their 110 guests. Charity fundraiser Hollie, 26, found husband Dan, 33, asleep on the sofa, in another room. She says: […]

20 Things you know if you’re friends with girls… as told by a guy

Twenty something things you know if you’re friends with girls… as told by a guy- and guys who are friends with girls know far too much. From sex to grooming habits, unless you are close with females, you will not truly understand. There is Always Some Sort of Boy Drama A current boyfriend, an ex-boyfriend […]

Teen left with swollen and burned eyes after botched eyelash extensions

‘I couldn’t open my eyes … I thought I was going to lose my vision’ A teenager suffered swelling and burn marks around her eyes after a painful reaction to eyelash extensions. Alexis Bizuk had the extensions applied by a woman who, halfway through the procedure, told her that she was still training to receive her certification. […]

Girl Cruelly Called ‘Thunder Thighs’ Sheds 6st and Becomes Fitness Blogger

A girl who was cruelly bullied for her weight has transformed herself into a fitness model. Meghan Gilbert, 21, from Dallas, Texas, saw her weight spiral out of control to 200lbs (15st) after she developed a binge eating disorder. Classmates would say her legs “jiggled” so much that ‘thunder struck’ whenever she entered a room, […]

Gardai in contact with Interpol over Fleadh Cheoil terror attack fears

  It’s been revealed that Gardai are in contact with Interpol amid concerns of a terror incident at this year’s Fleadh Cheoil. Sources told the Mirror that extra precaution are being taken ahead of the event in Ennis after other public events across Europe have been targeted. Gardai have been in touch with Interpol has […]


A man was arrested this morning in connection to the rape of a teenage Spanish student at the weekend. Gardai are reportedly expected to bring the man before the district court today. According to, the suspect was arrested last Monday and held for questioning at Irishtown Garda station until Tuesday evening but was released […]

Gardai investigating death of baby last month

Gardai have reportedly launched an investigation into the death of a two month old baby last month. According to the Irish Independent, Gardai have begun an inquiry after tests raised questions about the circumstances leading up to child’s death. The baby died last month after being rushed to Temple Street hospital from a midlands town. […]

A randy couple was caught “getting it on” at the beach

A randy couple was caught “getting it on” beside a packed beach this week. They didn’t care about the onlookers as they romped by the seaside. The footage shows the pair sleeping together on Troon beach in Ayrshire. It has since gone viral, attracting huge attention on social media. “The video shows the woman lying […]

Do you suffer from Acne? MUA Karla Powell Found A Cure That Works From The Inside Out

Karla Powell a make-up artist and social media influencer became self-conscious and wanted to hide away from the world when her skin broke out but after setting herself a 6-month skin challenge to get “bare Skin for Summer” she transformed her complexion and her perception of herself. Karla regularly had skin breakouts which were usually hormonal […]

Toddler who stole the show at his mums’ wedding loses cancer battle

  A one-year-old with cancer who melted hearts when he drove down the aisle during his parents’ wedding has sadly passed away. His mums are now attempting to set up a charity in his memory. Little Jesse Langford-Daley had been battling a rare, malignant brain tumour since he was 10 months old. The youngster stole […]

This Sign is Going Viral for the Most Irish Reason!

  This shop sign has gone viral for the most GAS reason. The spelling blunder was spotted by The Rubberbandits.    Fridget Spinners 😂 — Rubber Bandits (@Rubberbandits) July 19, 2017 Did you notice it? It looks like this shop just couldn’t ‘shift’ those Fidget Spinners. The picture has been liked and shared hundreds […]