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16-Year-Old Charged With Over 15 Acid Attack Offences In London

This is horrifying…. According to Sky News, a 16-year-old boy who was arrested in connection with five acid attacks in London on Thursday has been charged with 15 offences, police have said. The charges include robbery, grievous bodily harm and possession of an item to discharge a noxious substance. He has been remanded in custody […]

Girl Nearly Blinded After Horrific Reaction To Eyebrow Tint

This is so frightening! A young girl was almost blinded after tinting her eyebrows with an at home dye kit. (Pic Via Facebook ) According to The Mirror, the young lady from Britain was left with severe chemical burns and massive swelling around her eyes after she attempted to dye her own brows at home. The […]

This Is What That Tiny Hole On The Back Of Your Iphone Is For

Our minds are BLOWN! The iPhone is such an impressive piece of technology that we’re not going to even try and pretend we know and use all it’s functions on a daily basis. However, a brand new revelation has come about and we can’t believe we never realised it before. Ever wondered what that tiny […]

This one thing will make sure you have a good night’s sleep

So apparently THIS is the key to good night’s sleep! A study by sleep experts has revealed that having something to get up for in the morning is the best way to guarantee shut-eye. Researchers asked participants to answer a 10-question survey on purpose in life and a 32-question survey on sleep. They found that people who […]

An Irish Woman Has Died After A Road Accident In Kenya

This is heartbreaking… An Irish woman in her thirties has died following a road traffic accident in Kenya. The woman, who passed away earlier today, is understood to be from the Cork/Waterford area according to The Irish Independent.  She was in Africa as part of a charity fundraiser and was due to climb Mount Kilimanjaro […]

24-Year-Old Man Returns Home From Hospital After Five Years

This is absolutely heartbreaking… A young man who was left with brain injuries after an unprovoked attack in Co Galway in 2012 has finally returned home after five long years in hospitals. According to The Irish Independent, 24-year-old Shane Grogan was the victim of an unprovoked brick attack during Galway Race week in August 2012. After […]

Cycling Can Actually Make Your Lady Bits Larger

What the heck? According to reports from The Sun, if you cycle often, then it could be making changes to your lady bits. While it may help with your fitness and your heart, for the girls out there it could be doing all sorts of damage to your lady bits. According to new research, cycling could […]

“I Regret Having A Child” – One Mum’s Story

Motherhood is frequently referred to as “the best thing you’ll ever do”. But what happens when it’s not?  Victoria Elder is a 48-year-old mum from Lafayette, Louisana, who works as a loan processor. She is mother to one daughter, 18-year-old Morgane. What separates Victoria from other mothers is that she has broken the ulimate taboo […]

This Picture Of Ireland Has Gone Viral For The Most Special Reason

No, those lights aren’t what you think they are…. If Ireland is known for anything, it’s definitely our culture. Whether that’s in the form of our alcohol tendencies, our language or our lakes – visitors come from far and wide each and every year to sample what our beautiful little Emerald Isle has to offer. […]

Mother Shares Horrifying Pictures Of Her Young Daughter Covered In Huge Rash

This is horrifying…. A Mother has shared horrific photos of her three-year-old after she was covered in a deadly rash that started as a tiny pin prick. According to The Mirror, the Mam first thought her daughter had caught a viral infection until  a doctor noticed a mark on her chest and only a couple of hours later, the […]

Some People Think That Keeping Your Washing Machine In The Kitchen Is Sick

Do you keep your washing machine in the kitchen? Well, TV property expert Kirstie Allsopp has defended her claim that washing machines belong outside the kitchen, but as it turns out, people are not convinced that it’s wrong. According to The Sun, the presenter made headlines on Wednesday morning after saying that installing the appliances […]

Everyone Wants This €30 Garden Fire Pit from Aldi

This is exactly what we need to warm up our summer nights! ALDI are selling a stunning garden fire pit – and its an absolute bargain: Aldi’s Gardenline Fire Pit is ideal for summer get togethers. Imagine how cosy you and your friends would be sitting around one of these underneath the stars. It comes with an […]

Teenager Dies After Being Electrocuted While Using Phone In The Bath

Teenager Dies After Being Electrocuted While Using Phone In The Bath A teenager has reportedly passed away after she was electrocuted while trying to charge her phone in the bath. The 14-year-old was having a bath at home in Lovington, New Mexico, when she tried to either plug her phone in or she picked up […]

16 killed after military plane crash

At least 16 people have been killed after a military plane crash. The plane crash took place in Mississippi according to the Metro last night, killing at least 16 people aboard. Locals revealed they heard a massive crash just before 4pm local time and saw the plane coming down, with one farmer telling the Press […]

6 Of The Best Breakfast Foods For Weight Loss

Kick start your day and your weight loss with some of these healthy (and yummy) breakfast foods….. 1. Coffee The caffeine in your morning cup of helps to increase metabolic rate and burn more calories. Study participants burned an extra 79–150 calories in 24 hours after consuming 100 mg of caffeine a day. 2. Porridge […]


100-YEAR-OLD WOMAN CREDIT WINE FOR HER LONG LIFE Florence Bearse from Bangor Maine turned 100 on Thursday and says wine is the secret to her longevity, this is according to Page Six News. Florence spent her life running a restaurant and serving other people and was reportedly known for her witty personality. The paper reports […]

Young woman died after suffering rare side effect of the pill

A young woman died after suffering from one of the rare side effects linked to her contraceptive pill. 20 year old Abbey Parkes had been taking her pill for a number of years, when she suffered a cardiac arrest caused by a ‘blood clot linked to her contraceptive’. This week an inquest heard that it […]

Irish Student Finds Camera And Microphone In University Toilet

A Dublin student found a hidden camera and microphone in the cubicle of her university library toilet. The device was covered by a layer of duct tape making is very difficult to see but the student, who does not wish to be named, spotted it between the sanitary bins and toilet bowl, this is according […]