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Irish Girls Reaction To Her Dads Surprise Video Is Priceless!

We love a good surprise homecoming video here at RSVP, but this video is the other way around for once! An Irish girl living in Canada has the cutest meltdown when her Dad turns up to surprise her. The girl who was living in Toronto is blindfolded by friends and she can barely cope with […]

And The Most Germ Ridden Object In Your Home Is…..

You might think the toilet would be the most germ infested area of your house, but in fact it’s actually your towels! Researchers in the University of Arizona found that it’s actually towels that are most likely to spread bugs in your home. They have found that they were more likely to contain bacteria and […]

RSVP’s Top Three Stories Of The Day

In case you missed them check out our top three stories today here: 1. MTV STAR LOSES BATTLE WITH CANCER AT THE AGE OF 32   Read on here. 2. REVEALED! THE FULL LINE UP FOR TONIGHT’S LATE LATE SHOW See them here. 3. BEST BREAK-UP TEXT EVER!! See it here.

Best Break-up Text EVER!!

We’ve heard some lame break up excuses in our time, but this guy’s reasons for breaking up with his girlfriend is literally the most bizarre and hilarious thing ever! After just seven weeks of seeing each other, he decided to ends things for six specific reasons over a lengthy text message. They have since gone […]

Flooding Causes Chaos Around The Country But Big Change In Weather This Weekend

  Met Eireann issued a status orange rainfall warning yesterday saying parts of the country were facing severe flooding and they weren’t wrong. The warning was for Dublin, Louth, Wexford, Wicklow, Meath and Monaghan but it has been lifted this morning with Met Eireann posting on Twitter this morning: “The heavy rain gradually clearing northwards later […]

Limerick Mother Sentenced To Jail Over Kids Access Rights

A Limerick mother has been sentenced to seven days imprisonment for failing to allow her children’s father access to them. In “a highly unusual” move, the mother was sentenced but it is now under appeal and there was consent to bail so she is not in prison at the moment. According to the Limerick Leader, […]

Woman Performs Her Own Sex Change

Jadis Argiope wanted to undergo a sex change she could not afford the very expensive operation. Her only choice in the end was to perform the operation herself. Speaking on TLC UK’s Self Surgery TV Show, Janis who is from Arizona spared no detail when it came to revealing the eye-watering details of the op. […]


The dating game can throw up some fun lunch time coffees, the weirdest men you have ever set eyes on and the perhaps the best sex you have ever had. “Grindrstiltskin” takes a sensational yet normal look into the mad, crazy world that is 21stcentury dating. Fuelled by passion, desire and an unhealthy obsession (or […]

Live Weather Update

Live weather update and we are sorry to say….Its bad news!!!! Met Eireann have said that there will be very heavy rainfall will cause localised flooding and very poor visibility this evening. A status orange rainfall warning is currently in place for both Munster and Leinster. There is also an ongoing risk of flooding. There […]


To be fair, Walmart isn’t exactly known for attracting the most classiest of customers. Sean Johnson, 19, is due to attend a pre-trial hearing at Hernando County Court December 11th after he allegedly pleasured himself with a stuffed horse teddy in the Brookville branch of the store. The Metro reports the Johnson was released following his initial […]

5 Ways to Open a Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew

We’ve all been there, you’ve been looking forward to your glass of wine all day and then when the moment arrives the corkscrew is nowhere to be found. But fear not, we have some genius tips to solve this dilemma! Open it with your shoe Yes honestly! Remove the wrapping around the cork then place […]

Video: This Dog Riding A Bike Is The BEST thing Ever

It’s been a tough week between King Nidge’s death and the shock of waking up to Kim Kardashian’s bare bottom everywhere this morning. So we were fully ready for some light relief. Thankfully this dog riding a bike has made our day, hell our whole month! Not only is he possibly the cutest thing we’ve […]

Video: Brave Guy Shows Us What Extreme Weight Loss Has Done To His Skin

What a brave guy! John Gaude starts his latest video by mentioning that his body is “not as perfect as people want to think,” YouTube fitness sensation John went from 360lbs (25.5st) to 200lbs (14st) a remarkable achievement and while his Instagram and Twitter accounts show ‘wow’ before and after pictures, his latest YouTube clip […]

Taxi Fares to go Up

Taxi fares in Ireland are set to rise by 4 percent! The National Transport Authority (NTA) has proposed the hike in fares for the Christmas and New Year period! The festive period can be tight enough as it is without prices going up. The public can have their say on the issue, the NTA have […]

People’s reaction to a ‘drunk girl’ will make you think twice

In this latest social experiment, a ‘drunk’ girl swigging from a bottle goes out on to the street and attempts to ask men for help to get home. The girl starts by saying: ‘Today I’m on Hollywood Boulevard, I’ve had a little too much to drink, let’s see if anyone will help me get home.’ […]

WATCH: Moment cheating wife is caught out by best man

  In this 40 second clip, a loyal best man stumbles upon his friend’s wife in the arms of another man. The bride, identified as Nina, seems less than happy to be caught on camera with the barman. The best man asked the pair: ‘How you guys doing?’, before telling Nina ‘that’s not your husband […]

Tragedy As Brides Father Dies At Wedding Reception

A bride was left devastated after her father tragically died suddenly during her reception, just hours after walking her down the aisle. Michael Mullan had being celebrating his daughter’s wedding on the dance floor when the incident took place. The owner of Jackson’s Hotel in Ballybofey, Co Donegal, where the incident occurred told the Star: […]