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Passengers left injured following gas attack at Frankfurt airport

At least six passengers have been left injured and with breathing difficulties following a tear gas attack at Frankfurt airport this morning. According to the Daily Mail, passangers were sprayed by an unknown attacker at the check in counters in Terminal 1 leaving them with them with eye irritation and breathing problems. The publication report […]

Netflix To Release A True Crime Series About Madeleine McCann

It was only a matter of time before it happened and now it seems Netflix are planning to make an eight-part true-crime series about Madeleine McCann. At this stage, everyone knows the story of how 3-year-old Madeleine disappeared from the villa she was sharing with the family in Portugal’s Praia de Luz. There have been […]

Disabled teen fights for her life after savage rat attack

A disabled teenager (14) is fighting for her life in France after her father found her “drenched in blood” following a a rat attack. The paraplegic, Samantha was sleeping on the ground floor of a rented house when rats swarmed her bed and almost killed her. According to The Evening Standard, the youg girl suffered 45 […]

A randy couple was filmed having sex in a busy street

A randy couple was filmed having sex in the middle of a busy street leaving onlookers gobsmacked. The footage was caught by their giggling friend. The shameless pair didn’t hold back as they got down to business in the Russian capital of Moscow. A video has appeared across a range of social media sites. “The incident happened at 5am […]

This woman’s picture of her family is going viral

Tallinda Bennington’s picture of her family is going viral for the most devastating reason. It is being shared right across Ireland and the world today. This was days b4 my husband took his own life.Suicidal thoughts were there,but you’d. Never kmow. #fuckdepression — Talinda Bennington (@TalindaB) September 7, 2017 Tallinda Bennington- wife of Chester […]

This Story of a Bus Eireann Driver’s Act of Kindness is Going Viral

Stories like this re-affirm our faith in the world…. A Cork woman named Fiona Carolan has shared a heartwarming story about a kind Bus Éireann driver who helped her elderly dad. Fiona’s father suffers with dementia, and the bus went out of his way to help him. The story has received thousands of likes and […]

Aldi are Selling Miracle ‘Hangover Free’ Wine for just €7.99!

One of life’s greatest simple pleasures is relaxing with a nice glass of wine and a good Netflix show after a hard day’s work. Sometimes one can lead to two, after getting caught up in Game of Thrones, which may incidentally lead to an unwanted sore head the next morning. We’ve all been there, but […]

Tales of shifting, velvet dresses and stolen men- lets recall the debs

Thinking of the debs brings back all kinds of bizarre memories- whether good or bad. From the questionable fashion choices right down to the dates you haven’t spoken to since that night, recalling the “last hurrah” from your school days always brings a smile to your face. Digging deep into our personal archives, RSVP has […]

A woman cut her husbands penis off and flushed it down the toilet

A woman cut her husband’s penis off and flushed it down the toilet. It is alleged that she attacked her husband, who is in his 50’s while he was sleeping with a kitchen knife. The wife was apparently outraged by the amount of time her husband spent on the golf course and that is what […]

Six Westmeath lads ditched their debs for a GAA game

Six Westmeath lads ditched their debs to play an important Gaelic football game. Their pictures are now going viral. Eoin Fallon, Sean Lyster, Jamie Rooney, Ned Cully, Jerry Byrne and Enda Cully got suited and booted as they met their dates, but instead of hopping on the bus to the hotel for the meal, they […]

SHOCKING: A 21-year-old festival goer posted video of herself online after being spiked

A young festival goer from Nottingham, who was ‘spiked’ at Leeds Festival posted a video of herself in a drug-fuelled state to spread awareness. Loren Froggatt said that she believes that the incident occurred while waiting for her fiancee outside the men’s toilet facilities. While her partner was in the toilet, Loren (21) said that a passer […]

Leo Varadkar’s Latest Tweet Has Caused Some Serious Hate On Twitter

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar seems to have ruffled a few feathers with his latest tweet marking Princess Diana’s 20th anniversary. Our country’s leader was one of the many, many people who marked her death on social media as it was a tragic event that affected and still resonates with so many of us today. But he […]

These Are The Six Warning Signs Of Cervical Cancer That You Should Never Ignore

In Ireland, approximately 300 women in Ireland are diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer each year and over 90 women die from the disease. It’s the most common cancer in women aged 35 and under and the 13th most common overall. According to research, only 63% of people with cervical cancer survive for more than 10 […]

Toddler Left With Serious Facial Burns After Being Scalded At Nursery

A child was seriously burnt after an incident at a nursery school in West Yorkshire. 18-month-old Reuben Adams was scalded after he managed to get into the milk kitchen. According to the, his mother was left hysterical after she saw his face which needs to be washed and cleaned three times a day in […]

Entire Boxes of Celebrations Maltesers Set to Arrive into Tesco on Monday!

Stop whatever you’re doing. Put down your phone and run to your nearest Tesco…. The best Celebrations sweet is undoubtedly the Malteaser. Unfortunately, the crunchy chocolate bites are always the first to run out, leaving us bitterly disappointed as we search through the left over Mars and Snickers. However, Tesco Ireland are about to start […]

So THIS is the Worst Accent in Ireland?

Accents have always been a bit of a contentious subject in this country. Each county seems to think that theirs is the most superior. However, the votes are in, and the county with the worst accent in Ireland has officially been decided. We have a feeling a lot of people won’t be happy about this […]

Heading to Electric Picnic? Dealz €1.50 Shewees are Flying Out!

  From €1.50 Control Underwear to Christmas Lights in May – Dealz never fail to amaze us! However, this latest random addition to their shelves has actually been flying out of Irish stores: Dealz are selling Female Urinals in their camping section for €1.50 and gals are flocking to get their hands on them ahead […]