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John McAreavey shares adorable family selfie with wife Tara

  John McAreavey has shared an adorable family selfie with wife Tara Brennan this weekend. The couple put all other concerns to the back of their minds this weekend as they enjoyed a family day out with a younger member of their family. Sharing a happy selfie together, John wrote: Enjoying the festivities at @tullylishgaa […]

Victoria Coach Station in London evacuated following bomb scare

Victoria Coach Station in London has been evacuated this morning after the discovery of a suspect package. Buckingham Palace Road and other streets in the area are closed according to the Metro. A Metropolitan police spokesman told the publication: ‘A suspect package is being checked out.’ Britain is currently on high alert after a suicide […]

At least 22 dead including children in suspected terrorist attack at Manchester Arena

At least 22 people are dead including children and more than 50 have been injured in a suspected terrorist attack at Manchester Arena last night. The attack was reportedly carried out by a lone suicide bomber at last night’s Ariana Grande concert which was strongly attended by children and young people.   Theresa May has confirmed […]

Irish man found dead in Algarve resort

An Irish man has been found dead at a popular Algarve holiday resort. The man was found dead this morning by friends in the popular resort in Albufeira, Portugal. According to the Irish Mirror, the group who were staying at the Alto do Moinho apartments, had been out the night before. An investigation into his […]

Mum spots baby girl’s rare cancer after seeing ‘white glow’ in her eye

A mum was able to ensure her baby girl’s rare cancer was diagnosed with after she spotted a ‘white glow’ in her eye. Megan Athey spotted a strange glow in her newborn baby’s eye in all her photos, leading to her bringing her baby girl to the doctors. At seven months months, doctors diagnosed baby […]

Woman loses 9 stone and shows off the realities of such a dramatic weightloss

Woman loses 9 stone and shows off the realities of such a dramatic weightloss in these viral photos. Jordaan Kirkham, from Texas, took to Instagram to share a photo of her excess skin since the dramatic weightloss. “Guess what?! If you lose over 130lbs more than likely you’re going to have loose skin,” she wrote […]

Body of newborn baby found in park

An investigation is underway after the body of a newborn baby was found in a park today. The body of the baby was found in Manor Park, Aldershot, Hampshire and according to The Sun, police are now urgently trying to location the baby’s mother. Detective Superintendent Darren Rawlings told the publication: “I am extremely concerned […]

12 year old girl kidnapped by four men outside school

A 12 year old girl has managed to escape after being kidnapped by four men outside her school today. The girl was forced into a car by four men on her way home from school at Pedmore Technology College, Stourbridge. According to the Metro, she was approached by a man with a foreign accent, who […]

Irish man dies in Cambodia

An Irish man has died in Cambodia this week. The man who was in his 40s, died after collapsing at a restaurant in the capital, Phnom Penh yesterday. According to the Irish Independent, staff tried to help the man but he was pronounced dead on the scene. A spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs told the publication […]

Six Year Old Boy Shot Dead After Mother’s Car Was Stolen From Supermarket

This is heartbreaking… A six-year-old boy was found dead in the back of his Mother’s car after it was stolen with him inside from outside a supermarket. According to The Irish Independent, Kingston Frazier was found dead with a single gunshot wound at the back of his Mother’s abandoned stolen car. The New York Post […]

This baby was born with bright white hair

This baby was born with bright white hair and she has become a viral sensation. Baby Devina Smith was welcomed into the world earlier this month. The perfectly healthy tot was diagnosed with partial albinism. Her mum, Jessica Smith, says she is a dead ringer for Game of Thrones character Daenerys- can you see it? According to The […]

So, Apparently Pregnant Can Drink Alcohol

What now? According to new research which was released today, it seems that pregnant women can actually drink alcoholic beverages without harming their babies. The Irish Mirror reports that official guidelines were clarified last year advising women not to consume any alcohol at all, as soon as they know they are pregnant – but as […]

Grab Your Umbrella’s, The Weekend Ahead Is Going To Be A Showery One

So it’s May is it? Sure as hell doesn’t feel like it does it lads? One minute the sun is splitting the stones outside, the next we’re shivering with the cold and like drowned rats from the rain. And it looks as though nothing is going to change anytime soon, especially for the weekend. Many […]

Little Baby Starved To Death After Parents Fed Him A Gluten Free Diet

This is so sad…. According to The Irish Independent, a seven-month-old baby has died after his parents fed him a gluten-free diet. His parents, who were health fanatics, insisted on feeding their baby boy Lucas an alternative diet which included quinoa milk, according to reports. This meant that Little Lucas weighed less than half the expected weight for a […]

This €8.99 Aldi wine has been ranked one of the best in the world

Wine lovers rejoice! A bottle of rosé wine that sells for just €8.99 in ALDI has been ranked one of the best in the world, beating other bottles three times the price. The Exquisite Collection Côtes De Provence 2016 was among the winners at The International Wine Challenge – dubbed the Oscars of the wine […]

Family of Five Drown In Septic Tank While Trying To Rescue One Another

A family of five has tragically drowned in a septic tank while trying to rescue each other from the toxic mixture of animal urine and waste. According to The Sun, the accident in Nanshan village, near the city of Chaozhou, in southern China’s Guangdong Province, happened when a local farmer surnamed Wang was cleaning the septic […]