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Men who perform this certain sex act could develop a rare cancer

Men who perform oral sex on their partners are at a very high risk of contracting a rare form of mouth or throat cancer. As well as that, smokers who have more than five sexual partners are actually at a higher risk of cancer triggering of developing the cancer triggered by the human papilloma virus (HPV) […]

Phubbing is the new trend that’s DESTROYING relationships

When you meet with your partner or a friend, you would expect that your time together would be spend catching up and sharing stories. However, a lot of the time we are easily distracted by something we see every minute of every day – our phones. When you are sitting down with someone talking and […]

Increase in vagina surgery as women want the perfect one

It’s not uncommon to look in the mirror and think you want to change something about your appearance. Your hair, your breasts, your nose – you might even think it without knowing. But have you ever looked at your vagina and thought, “This could look nicer”? If you have, you’re not the only one. There […]

Here’s Why Endless Online Porn Is causing Erectile Dysfunction

Not so long ago, pornography wasn’t that easy to come by. To get your hands on it, you were required to slink into a shop that sold Playboy and x-rated videos, and pray that you didn’t bump into your elderly neighbour walking her poodle on the way out. And if you were a teenage boy? […]

The Country Where Men Have The Largest Penises Has Been Revealed

The Country Where Men Have The Largest Penises Has Been Revealed Are you surprised? It seems Africa takes the top spot for men with the largest erect penises the world. A new graphic from Target Map has been revealed to show various colour coded countries, that show the different sizes of men’s manhood depending where […]

Man ‘Behind’ Sex At Train Station Caught And Punished

A randy young couple sent passengers at a busy tube station in London into meltdown after they decided to have full blown sex on the platform. Now, the young man ‘behind’ the incident has been handed down a 60-day drink ban and has been ordered to pay £85. The search for the red headed lady […]

REVEALED – Having More Sex Can Help You Look YEARS Younger

Did you get lucky between the sheets this weekend? If so, we have some really good news for you. Having more sex is actually GREAT for your skin! When you jump into bed and get down to it, the last thing you’re thinking of is your skin. But sex has loads of surprising benefits for […]

Search Is On For Young Couple Caught Have Full Blown Sex At Train Station

Police are trying to track down ‘a woman’ who was filmed having sex in broad daylight at a train station. They have released an image of the woman in hope someone will come forward after recognising her. The young couple engaged in full sexual intercourse in broad daylight at a London Overground station and then […]

The five surprising health benefits we can thank sex for

When it comes to getting it on it’s not all just fun and games, in fact- sex has been clinically proven to improve our health. According to experts, a good sex life at any age can prove to be advantageous for a number of reasons, and RSVP have listed the most important ones below! 1. […]

Six Things You Should Know Before You Try Shower Sex

Six Things You Should Know Before You Try Shower Sex Showers tend to be designed with one person in mind – so unless you are in a fancy hotel with a massive showering area, one person will be always under the hot water while the other will be out in the cold. Moving is awkward […]

Six Things Women Do During Sex That Men Hate

As one man pointed out, these articles are often written by women for women, so we asked a few guys to tell us their turnoffs in the bedroom. Biting His PENIS. Teeth are not allowed during blowjobs, they ruin the mood and immediately the mind is taken to another, non sexual place. Love bites are also […]

Couple filmed engaging in sex act on Dublin street beside playground

  There was outrage after a couple were filmed engaging in a sex act on a Dublin street beside a playground this week. The video obtained by the Irish Mirror, shows a man standing beside a wall looking towards the camera while performing a sex act with a woman before pulling up his trousers. Video: […]

A disgusting couple was filmed performing sordid sex acts

A disgusting couple was filmed performing sordid sex acts on each other as lay on the footpath. They really got down to business. The horny duo were spotted getting down and dirty just metres away from a graveyard in the UK. They rolled around on the ground as they took turns performing various sex acts […]

The secret to better sex is romance says new study

According to a new survey, the answer to making sex more enjoyable is right under our noses. The Indiana University School of Public Health and the Centre for Sexual Health Promotion carried out a study which investigated men and women’s sexual preferences and found that good old fashioned romance comes out on top! According to, Professor Debby […]

Oral sex is a must when an affair is concerned says new survey

A new sex study, carried out by married and attached dating website Victoria Milan found that most people insist that oral sex is a must when having an affair. The study also found that a lack of oral sex in a relationship can sway a person towards cheating. According to, 9,107 users on the Victoria Milan site were surveyed […]

5 Reasons Why You’re Supposed to Sleep Naked

Forget the PJs – scientists have claimed that you’re SUPPOSED to sleep naked. Here’s why: 1 It helps combat heart disease Getting a good night’s sleep has been found to directly affect your chances of getting diabetes or heart disease. 2 It’s good for wannabe dads A 2015 study concluded that men looking to start […]

Men are Using Penis Glue as a New Alternative to Condoms

Men can now use penis glue for ‘real sex without side effects’ – but it won’t prevent pregnancy or STDs. Jiftip has been four years in the making, but it apparently only protects ‘pleasure’ The new product involves men using a sticker to seal their urethras shut during sex. While Jiftip may sound like a dream come […]

This Simply Irish Trick Is The Secret Behind Having Great Sex

Drinking beer…  This simply Irish trick is the secret behind having great sex it seems! Having one or two pints of Guinness before getting under the covers will apparently give you and your partner a more full and enjoyable sex life. Sex guru Dr Kat Van Kirk says that beer serves as a sex booster, […]

Revealed – This is the Age When People are Actually Best in Bed

The fumbling teens, experimental 20s, deprived 30’s and rejuvenated 40s -Sexpert Tracy Cox has revealed to the MailOnline that actually, 45 year olds are having the best sex. Why? According to Tracy, sexually active teens – although have the rush of first time experiences – lack technique which usually means a disappointing sex life. Your […]