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There’s a new trend which may be ruining your relationship- and it’s called phubbing

There’s a new trend which may be ruining your relationship- and it’s called phubbing. The new trend called ‘phubbing’ is something that many of us are guilty of. But what is it? A portmanteau of “phone” and “snubbing” it happens when someone, mid-conversation, will become more absorbed with their mobile than the with company they’re […]

The ONE Thing You Should Never do Before Sex!

  Popping some gum to freshen up prior to getting between the sheets is something that a lot of us have done without thinking. Believe it or not though, chewing gum is actually a big bedroom no no, according to The Sun. When you’re chewing gum you’re actually swallowing air, which can lead to bloating – […]

Five Sex Tips That We Should All Know For Future Reference

A lot of ladies complain about lack of sexual satisfaction in their relationship, and more often than not, the man is to blame. The truth is, you as a woman have a role to play where optimum enjoyment is concerned, and here’s how to get the most out of what you want gals. First of […]

This Is Why You Should NEVER Chew Gum Before Having Sex

Okay, we all want our breath to be minty fresh when we’re on a date, or meeting someone for the first time. But if you’re planning to take it to the bedroom, chewing gum could be a big mistake, or so the New York Post says. According to a new report that’s been issued, the […]

THESE are the Names of the Women Most Likely to Get Pregnant in 2017

Whether you’re looking to add to your brood, or are avoiding getting pregnant at all costs – you’d better bless yourself before reading this list! Closer Magazine has released its list of the names of women most likely to become pregnant this year. The list is compiled based on the average age that a woman […]

Revealed: This is the Age Women Have Their Best Orgasms

  It seems orgasms only get better with age! According to a new study, the age women will have the best orgasms of their lives is 36. The survey was conducted by contraceptive app Natural Cycles who asked more than 2,600 women what age they have the best orgasms. As it turns out, your mid-thirties […]

Women look for one very unexpected thing in a male partner

Women apparently look for one thing in a male partner and it’s pretty disturbing. While many people would guess it’s money, looks, kindness, or even a sense of humour, evidence seems to point to something different. According to The Mirror, women are supposedly after is a man who resembles our brothers. What? We couldn’t be more […]

Here’s why the average couple doesn’t have sex everyday

There’s a reason behind why the average couple doesn’t have sex everyday, and scientists have just revealed it. Scientists wanted to find out the reason behind the average couple not having sex everyday. They got 214 couples to keep a diary. The couples were asked to keep track of when they had sex over two weeks, and […]

What affects your sex drive, and is your sex drive “normal”

Have you ever wondered where you stand with your sex drive? Is it above or below average? People rarely talk about their “sex drive”, which, simply put is an individual’s overall sexual drive, or desire for sexual activity. According to the Irish Times, there are many different factors that influence a persons sex drive. So […]

Around two thirds of women think of their ex while having sex

According to a survey by, around two thirds of women think about their ex when they’re having sex. They’ve revealed that 59 percent of women regularly fantasise about sex with their ex. However, men rank slightly lower with 48 percent saying that they think of their ex. The study also found that women think about […]

This is how many sexual partners you should have before settling down

We’re not sure how we feel about this….. A recent survey has determined the ideal number of sexual partners you should have before you settle down. The study, which was carried out by dating site Illicit Encounters, has revealed that most people consider 12 to be the perfect number of people to have slept with […]

‘Stealthing’ The Newest Sex Trend Could Soon Become Illegal

The latest bedroom trend doesn’t have to do with a certain position or technique — and it’s not sexy at all. The disturbing, nonconsensual trend is called “stealthing” and its rise is documented in a report by the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law, according to The New York Post.  Author Alexandra Brodsky argues that […]

Are we having less sex? This is how many sexual partners a person has on average

When you’re in a relationship, or even just chatting with mates, it’s often a topic comes up. “What’s your number?” “How many people have you bedded?” While some people will have slept with many more than the average, and others with many less, the average number of sex partners the average person has, has been […]

Your birth month says a lot about what you’re like in bed

While you may not want to take these at face value, your birth month can apparently say a lot about your sex life. According to Cosmopolitan the month you’re born in can say a lot about the type of sex you have. January: If you’re born in January, it means that you’re probably a little conservative […]

10 Scary Facts About Sex That Will Make You Shiver

You Won’t Be Able To Notice If Your Partner Smells Ladies All the chemical changes that happen within our bodies while we are aroused keep us from being able to smell much, including any strange smells coming from our partner! We’re Less Straight Than We Think  Studies have found that many women who reported being […]

Five Signs Of Gynecological Cancers That Most Women Ignore

Most women don’t know the signs of gynecological cancers, and are especially unaware of symptoms unrelated to the reproductive organs, such as back pain and increased urination, according to a new study. There are five main gynecological cancers — cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal and vulvar — and screening is recommended only for cervical cancer. Therefore, […]