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What a Man’s Underwear Says About Him

Are you tired of trying to figure a guy out? Trying to see if he’s looking for a relationship or if he is just after some quick sex. Is he really a mammy’s boy or does he have commitment issues? Here is a simple way to judge a man…. by his underwear.  Plain Boxers: He […]


Are you feeling the pressure this coming Valentine’s Day? Most couples feel the need to show their love and affection constantly but the expectations raise dangerously on the 14th of February. Here are some common myths about what a “relationship” is supposed to be , do you recognize any?   MYTH 1:  A New Relationship […]

The most dramatic change in Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe REVEALED!

Kim Kardashian has broken the internet on so many occasions but, this morning we were were impressed yet not with her voluptuous rear… for a change! We usually hold our fingers over our eyes when viewing Kim Kardashian’s personal pages however, we woke up to a svelte image of the beauty on her personal Instagram […]

Blog: Things you need to know about Fifty Shades of Grey

With its world wide release on Valentines Day, no one can escape the Fifty Shade of Grey phenomenon forever, believe me I have tried! The Book has sold over 100 million copies, heck, that’s up  there with the Bible and the movie trailer has had well over 250 million views already. If you have managed […]

Blog: Vaginismus – painful spasm that prevents sex

Niamh was  in love  …  but things were going badly wrong in the bedroom. Sex and  penetration became a misery.  Niamh had Vaginismus – a reflex spasming of her vagina. It made sex painful, gynae exams agony and even stopped her using tampons. You know the way you blink and startle as something comes too near your […]

Pictures Of Two Workers Caught Having Sex In Office Go Viral

If you’ve ever had a fling you regret, spare a thought for these New Zealand co-workers who unknowingly put on a sex show for the pub across the road. And worse still, the photos have now gone viral. The two Marsh Ltd employees, decided to leave the lights on while they got busy on a […]

Drunk Sex Versus Sober Sex – which one works best?

We were stunned, well maybe more intrigued, when we recently read that a survey conducted on a group of ladies found that nearly half of women say alcohol helps them to lose their inhibitions and feel more adventurous during sex, with 75% of women in committed relationships reporting that they enjoy drinking before doing the […]

Fifty Shades of Grey to be the most erotic film of the last decade

It hasn’t been released yet but Fifty Shades Of Grey is already guaranteed one award. The film is set to be one of the most erotic movies to have been released in the last decade due to its 20 minutes of sex scenes out of a total of 100 minutes. These raunchy scenes take up […]

Meeting your Boyfriend’s Parents? Here are Some Great Tips

Are you meeting your boyfriend’s parents? Here are some great tips to help make the whole situation a little easier. First Impressions are Everything: From the moment that his parents open the front door you are on trial and will be judged on everything you do. Be prepared and be sure to get off on […]

Why Sex is Great For Your Skin

We just love hearing about added benefits of “getting it on” between the sheets. Who knew that sex could in fact have benefits for your skin. You will be glowing After an hour of romping and play your cheeks will be rosy red and you will feel like you have done a 5km run. How […]

10 Questions You Wish You Could Ask on A First Date

We have all been on good dates, bad dates, blind dates, fix ups, every type of date, we have been there and done that! But the dating game is quite frustrating and time consuming. Wouldn’t it be great if you could cut all the bulls**t and just ask the questions you wanted! Here are 10 questions […]

What Guys Say in Bed and What They Really Mean

There isn’t a whole lot of talking during sex, it really can be a guessing game and let’s face it, men can be very difficult to read too. When a guy says something in bed, what does he really mean? Well, we have done a quick translation for you. “Do you like that?” I really […]

The Sex Factor with Geraldine O’Callaghan: Sex Toys Galore

So ‘Silly Season’ is upon us and everyone is thinking about what to buy their loved one as a pressie or stocking filler. I thought I’d help you out and point you in the right erection, whoops. I mean direction. And so what better gift than the gift of pleasure? Speaking to some of the country’s online sex shops, I found out what this year’s best selling sex toys are and why. […]

8 Instant Mood Killers

Don’t you just hate it when you are in bed and the suddenly something happens and the mood changes then BOOM, you just have to go to sleep!! Here are 8 instant mood killers when you are in bed. 1. Dirty Talk Well, dirty talk can really get you in the mood and can make […]

Baby girl born in a car in Cork on CHRISTMAS DAY!

A little baby girl was born in true last minute Christmas style, this festive period! The newborn arrived to first-time mom Rachel Harte  and her partner Richard Cheung in the back of a car on Christmas day in Cork! Having been sent home on Christmas Eve by the medical staff at  The 7lbs 5oz babe, […]

Glamour Model Jodie Marsh to go into Politics!

Glamour model Jodie Marsh is set for a career in politics! The model, come body builder, come fitness coach and now potential MP, has many interests we were unaware of apparently! The title of “Member of Parliament” is expected to be added to the list of diverse roles Ms. Marsh encompasses. To see Ms. Marsh […]

Blog: 10 Reasons Why Sex is Good for You

1. Stay Slim Did you know that a 30-minute romp with your other half can burn up to 100 calories? It may not seem like a lot until you do the math. Imagine that  if you were having sex 5 times a week you could actually be half a stone lighter in one year. Seriously […]

Porn Stars With And Without Make-Up

Make-up is a glorious little helper as well as frequent life-saver for us ladies, and an LA make-up artist has shown just how transformative it can be, sharing her before and after shots of porn stars she works with. Melissa Murphy is a professional make-up artist for the adult entertainment industry as well as for […]