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Women are either bisexual or gay but ‘never straight’

Interesting! A new research has revealed that women are either bisexual or gay but ‘never straight’ The study, led by Geruld Rieger from the Department of Psychology at the University of Essex, showed that women who were straight were aroused by videos of both naked men and women. 345 women were chosen and the results […]

Move over Tinder, it’s time for Thrinder

  Most smart phone apps are designed with the purpose of making everyday tasks easier, like shopping, booking taxis and connecting with friends. Now there’s an app that wants to make something else more convenient- threesomes. 3nder, pronounced Thrinder, is a play on words aimed at popular dating app Tinder. The app uses a similar swipe-heavy user […]

What NOT to do to a Penis!

Okay ladies, it is time to listen up, it is time to talk about the “PENIS”. There are definitely some myths and questions about male genitalia out there, What is a micro penis? Who is Jonah Falcon? Why is it bending to the left? The penis is a funny topic so here is a list […]

Tourists shocked as couple have sex on city boardwalk

A group of Dutch tourists were shocked and disgusted to witness a couple having sex in broad daylight on the boardwalk in Dublin City Centre yesterday. Speaking to Joe Duffy, a Dublin woman said she felt sad and embarrassed that the group of Dutch runners she brought to her native city should have witnessed such a sight. Aishling […]

Worrying number of Irish people have never had a sexual health test

60% of Irish people have never had a sexual health check-up, according to research commissioned by LetsGetChecked.   Worryingly, the research also reveals that six in ten Irish people (57%) are unaware that 80% of STIs are symptomless. This figure rises to seven in ten (68%) for men, while Irish women are slightly more in […]

8 Sex Things Women Secretly Worry About

Don’t lie, you definitely think about these while lying in bed!! Don’t worry though, you are not alone in your thoughts….. 1. Am I Sweating Too Much? You are burning  a crazy amount of calories so really you should be sweating… He will be sweating too so this is no big deal at all. 2. […]

Sniffing this will give most women an ‘earth shattering’ orgasm

A mushroom has been documented which when sniffed, gives almost 50 percent of women an orgasm.   John Halliday and Noah Soule were the first to record the effects of a fungus which could instantly induce female orgasm and documented it in a paper titled Female Orgasms Triggered by the Smell of a Newly Found […]

The 9 worst things to say during sex

As Ronan Keating once said: “You say it best, when you say nothing at all…” 1. “Is it in yet?” This is never ok. 2. “I love you” Unless it’s with your significant other then this is perfectly fine. If you’re confessing your love to some guy you met off Tinder and went on a few dates […]

6 Reasons Why Guys LOVE Going Down On You

They love the view Men love to see you from that angle…. Weird? Yes, but that is what gets them going. They get a great thrill from being down there down their thing, looking up and seeing you really enjoying yourself. If he thinks he is doing a good job it gets him all fired […]

7 Signs He is Going to be Terrible in Bed

The main questions on every girls lips when she meets a man is how big will it be and how good will be in the sack? We have come up with seven sure signs that he will be TERRIBLE so avoid these men at all costs! How does he kiss? If you don’t like the […]

Planning Anal Sex? Check out these tips

So you are planning to get kinky and try some anal sex? Well, stay calm you are not the first person in the world to get curious about some back door action. These simple but extremely useful tips well induct you into the ancient sexual act and make it as fun, clean and pleasurable as […]

Average Irish person has “slept” with the population of Puerto Rico

A new study has found that the average sexually active person in Ireland has been sexually exposed to 3,742,654 people. In a bid to highlight the importance of sexual health awareness, Lloyds Online Doctor asked 1,000 sexually active people in Ireland about their habits between the sheets. The people at Lloyd’s Pharmacy created a A […]

Sex with robots will be more popular than with humans by 2050

Can you imagine having sex with a robot? Apparently we’ll all be doing it by 2050. According to a shocking new report, people will choose sex with robots over other human beings in as little as 35 years’ time. Furthermore, in just 15 years time, most people will have: “some form of virtual sex as casually […]

Children as young as six have been questioned over sexting

More than 1,000 youngsters under the age of 18 have been investigated for sending nude or explicit images of themselves on social media or messaging services since 2012, data obtained by the Sun through Freedom of Information requests suggests. According to The Irish Independent today, the number of investigations into under-18s for making, possessing or distributing indecent images […]

Man accidently sent a naked snap to his female boss who just offered him a job

WORST. MISTAKE. EVER! A man accidentally sent naked selfies to the female HR boss of a company that had just offered him a job. The unnamed 23-year-old from Chicago shocked his human resources manager when she received two nude pictures sent from his mobile – over the course of three days. According to The Irish Sun today, Elmhurst […]

9 Don’ts When Having Sex with a Guy

Sex is regular enough part of an adults life, but great sex can actually be hard enough to find. When you are having sex with a guy you need to be familiar with the equipment you are working with and you need to be ready to go down and get into to it. Here are […]

Woman sues porn company after they tricked her into having sex with her brother

Porn star Madeline Madison is supposedly suing a company called ‘Come-And-Go Productions’, claiming they tricked her into performing oral sex on her brother in adult film Milk Maids 2. Various outlets are reporting that Madeline was booked to film a glory hole scene and while she found it unusual that they wouldn’t let her meet […]

The best way to give a woman an orgasm will shock you

Unsurprisingly men find it easier to reach orgasm than women. In fact 91% of men reach the big-O while having sex compared to just 64% of women, according to the National Survey of Sex and Behaviour. Interestingly, men said that their female partners reached climax 85% of the time, which can mean only one thing […]

5 of the best places to have sex in public

Sex in risky places? Hot!! But even if you’re the type who loves to take risks, we all know we’d hate to get caught and possibly spend a night in jail for lewd conduct. T he thought of it might turn you on, but the reality of it is kind of scary – you don’t […]