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7 Times We Don’t Need to See a Guy Naked

The sight of a naked man is something that is nice to enjoy from time to time but are there times when we wouldn’t like to see in male species in all its glory? Yes! Here are the 7 times when men should stay fully clothed with all bodily parts carefully tucked into place and […]

Sex Hacks: 3 Weird Things That Make it Better

It doesn’t take much to elevate sex from good to  great. Your usual sexual routine can be elevated easily with a few simple changes that heighten the whole experience. Are some weird? Yep. But do they work? Yep. Here are three to try:     1. Drink more water. It’s not like you want to […]

New survey reveals the profile of the average man and woman who catch STI’s

A new survey by an online pharmacy has revealed the profile of the average British men and women who catch a sexually transmitted infection (STI). The poll also revealed that the average British male has undergone two STI tests over the past five years, while the average woman has taken four. According to new research, […]

8 Pre Sex Rituals All Women Do

We are all friends here ladies, whether you have a date night planned or you are heading for a night on the tiles and hoping for the best, these rituals will be an integral part of your pre sex planning. From getting rid of that unwanted hair to taking your contraceptive, admit it, you do […]

5 ways to know if he’s genuinely a good guy

When people say that women are from Venus and that we are the ones who are complicated, they are LYING! It would literally be easier to go and find a needle in a hay stack than it would be to figure out the ever-confusing male species. It’s safe to say that it’s a fairly difficult task trying […]

The male Pill is coming and we think it’s about time

A new form of contractption is going to hit the market in a few years, the male pill. The pill is estimated to hit the US market around 2018/2020 and it’s going to change the way we view contraception with one “Vaselgel” injection lasting for years. According to The Telegraph, “Vasalgel is essentially a polymer that’s […]

20-year-old girl in is not ashamed after having threesome in public

A 20-year-old woman is in the middle of a viral video scandal said she has no regrets after being filmed having a threesome with two men. According to The New York Post today, the not-so-private moment, involving Alexis Frulling, was filmed by an unknown person at the Stampede Festival in Calgary, Canada. Within days of being uploaded to […]

How to work out and get in shape just by having sex

If done the right way, sex can double up as exercise – sexercise. Who would love an excuse not to go to the gym? By working out some of those muscles of yours, you can easily burn extra calories. Here are a few tips on how to work out and get fit just by having sex. Bend […]

How you can find the perfect orgasm solo or with company

  How much do you know about your clitoris? Discover 25 amazing things you need to know about your clitoris to turbo-charge your sex-life and stay reading to discover how you can find the perfect orgasm The Swedish Association for Sexual Education has a new name for female masturbation –  after running a competition to […]

George Hook reads an extract from his erotic new book on live radio

We’re not entirely sure how we feel about this – Broadcaster George Hook has shared extracts of his new erotic novel on today’s Brendan O’Connor show. The Right Hook presenter spoke about the novel on this morning’s Brendan O’Connor Show and said it was set “in a radio station owned by an eccentric billionaire”. Although George […]

Katie Hopkins has been offered £1 million to make a sex tape

Yeah, you have read the headline correctly lads…our all time favourite villain Katie Hopkins has reportedly been asked to star in her own sex tape for £1 million. According to Closer Magazine today, after Katie Hopkins was attacked by Twitter hackers over the weekend threatening to release a sex tape of the star, a UK […]

Brody Jenner Opens Up About Sex Life

Brody Jenner has opened up about his sex life and has revealed that he and his girlfriend Kaitlynn have regular threesomes. The son of Caitlyn Jenner also said that they are having the best sex ever. “I’d have to say [the best sex I’ve ever had is] with my girlfriend, Kaitlynn, “We have the best […]

Why it is Amazing to be Single During the Summer

Being single this summer is really a fantastic opportunity to be yourself, explore some great culture, have some wild sex and of course have some amazing fun in the sun.  Holidays Holidays with the girls are just the best aren’t they? Heading off to Mallorca or Greece, taking in the sun, dancing your life away […]

What Guys Love About Moving in Together

So you have decided to take the next step and actually move in together but how does your boyfriend feel? Men can be extremely tricky to judge and it is hard to tell if he is really into this whole step forward. While every relationship is unique, these are the main things that men love […]

Couple Engage In Sex Act On Dublin Steps

Footage has emerged showing a couple performing a sex act on a busy Dublin street this week… in broad daylight. The pair appear to be lying on top of each other and moving suggestively outside a building. In the video pedestrians walk by, but the couple are oblivious to the onlookers. One person involved appears […]

10 Things You Would Tell the Teenage You About Sex

1. Just Because Your Best Friend is Having Sex, Does Not Mean you Have To….. Okay, your best friend had sex with her boyfriend and the pressure is on for your to lose your flower? WRONG, calm down, let her do her thing and you do yours. 2. Yes, it’s Going to Hurt Sorry to […]

Men And Women Want Sex At Opposite Ends Of The Day

  We all know that men and women differ when it comes to sex but now it seems we like to do the deed at completely different times of the day. A survey of 2,300 people by sex toy e-tailer Lovehoney, found that while men mostly want to have sex between 6 – 9am, women […]