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Rebecca Adlington believes she caused her marriage break up

Rebecca Adlington believes she caused her marriage break up with Harry Needs last year.

She thinks that he wasn’t with her for the right reasons.

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The Olympic champion admits that Harry may have been overawed by her achievements in swimming and he had to take a step back from their relationship.

She heartbreakingly says that they just had to go their separate ways.

“He was younger than me, he saw Beijing and really idolised me,” she explains.

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“We were dating for a long time and Harry had to step back and say, ‘I have to figure out whether I like you or whether I like you because of everything you’ve achieved’,

“He wanted to make sure he was with me for the right reasons,” she told Radio Times.

Harry, aged 25, and 28-year-old Rebecca met back in 2011 before getting married in 2014.

Rebecca welcomed baby Summer in June 2015 and they announced news of their amicable separation just nine months later.

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