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Rebecca White is leaving Emmerdale to escape Robert Sugden

Rebecca White is leaving Emmerdale for the sunny shores of Ibiza.

The character- played by Emily Head- is trying to escape the intense pregnancy situation with Robert Sugden.

Rebecca fell pregnant after their drunken fling while Aaron was in prison and she no longer wants anything to do with him- and rightly so.

“At the moment she definitely wants him [Robert] out the picture, partly I think because she is considering this, whatever decision she ends up making, this to be her decision.

“She’s not asking Robert what he wants to do anymore and so she doesn’t want to force anything on anyone but also he’s been pretty vile to her and to Aaron in terms of what he’s done with Rebecca,” actress Emily Head told The Sun.


Ibiza will be the perfect escape for the worried mum-to-be, but a return will definitely be on the cards for her.

A dramatic exit from Yorkshire is sure to be followed by a sensational comeback.

“And yeah I think her relationships here aren’t keeping her here anymore and she needs to get away and get away from the stares of the people in the village and concerned about who knows what and who’s saying what. She just needs to not be part of it anymore.”

“She leaves briefly and comes back because she realises that she’s been dealing with this by herself for a really long time and that actually going to Ibiza will just mean more inner turmoil for her, for everyone, and so she comes back to her family to the only base,” she added.

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