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Recycle your used ink cartridges for free and help the ISPCA at the same time

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Recycle your used cartridges, ink jets, drums and toners for free and help the ISPCA at the same time.

The ISPCA has partnered with Infotone, who will collect your ink jets, toners and drums for free.

Recyclable cartridges can be worth up to €2.00 each which will be donated to the ISPCA helping them to continue to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals that have been cruelly treated or neglected.

They require a minimum of 8 cartridges in order to cost their courier costs.

This is a great new way to get people to both recycle and help an amazing charity at the same time.

The ISPCA are asking you to follow these four simple steps;

  1. Visit the Infotone website here.
  2. Fill out the simple form
  3. In the comments section say ‘sent a chq to ISPCA’
  4. Hit the submit button. A member of the Infotone recycling team will email you to confirm the collection of your cartridges

For more information visit the ISPCA’S website to see how you can help.

We think this is a great idea! Especially for businesses and colleges, this could really help.

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