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Reddit users show results of swapping to Micellar Water


Reddit users have been sharing incredible skin transformations after introducing micellar water to their routines.

One user who was having skin problems, decided to ditch her traditional cleanser for micellar water after following the advice of fellow users.

And according to the user who goes by the name, mollsballsss, doing so resulted in her skin transforming. She revealed:

“In the past year, I found this subreddit and have tried to follow some of the recommendations. In one post, someone mentioned not washing his/her face, and for some reason, that jumped out at me to try, I’ve been on Accutane TWICE and have had serious dry skin problems in the 5 years since I stopped my second round of treatment. I haven’t put facial soap on my face for six months and it has made a HUGE difference. I still get breakouts but I’m really happy with this progress!”

And dermatologist Debra Jaliman added weight to her theory, telling Allure magazine, using cleansers with certain ingredients can make acne prone skin worse.

She told the publication:

“Traditional cleansers can be very drying for some people, especially if they are formulated with sodium laureth sulfate, which can cause redness and irritation, Micellar water is in a sense a cleanser since it consists of cleansing molecules, which are tiny round balls suspended in water, Micelles are attracted to dirt and makeup — they cling to dirt and dissolve it.” And because most formulas aren’t made with alcohol, micellar water won’t dry out your skin and is safe enough for sensitive skin types.”

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