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Remember Bradley From EastEnders?? He Has Changed Quite A Bit!

Remember sweet Bradley from Eastenders?

He was usually seen wearing old grandad jumpers and cordial trousers, but nowadays he looks completely different to his on screen character who we used to love so much.

Via Twitter

Via Twitter

Charlie Clements who played the fire-haired Bradley in EastEnders was last seen in Walford in February 2010 when Bradley plummeted from the roof of the Queen Vic after trying to escape the Square after he was suspected of murdering Archie Mitchell.

But now, six years later, the actor has changed from the fresh-faced soap star, to a bearded grown up and Father of two, and viewers were shocked at his transformation.


“He looks like an old man. I prefer Baby Face Bradley”, one user commented.

While another wrote: “Bradley Branning off EastEnders looks well older now!”

Others commented that the actor looked a lot stronger than when he was in EastEnders, with one writing: “Get the feeling Charlie has been to the gym since the Square with don’t mess with me imprinted in his mind.”

He looks a lot different, but it’s safe to say we prefer the old Bradley!

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