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Revenue Officers seize three puppies from back of a van at Dublin Port

Revenue Officers at Dublin Port seized three puppies last week, after finding them in the back of a van that had just arrived to the country.

The officers stopped and questioned two men and a woman who were in the vehicle.

The dogs are now in the care of the DSPCA.

Veterinary examinations on all three revealed that they are around 8 weeks of age and in reasonable health.

They were named Boris, Nutmeg and Fly by the DSPCA.

No documents or proof of vaccinations were found for the three puppies.

Under Irish and UK law, any dog being transported between the two countries must have an up-to-date pet passport with records of vaccinations, microchips and veterinary certificates.

The DSPCA said that any dog entering or leaving Ireland must comply with the passport regulations.

Over 500 dogs have been seized in the last two years.

Photos Via DSPCA


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