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Ross and Pete Barton Fallout After Shock Death of Emma and Finn

Emmerdale boss Iain MacLeod has teased about what happens next after the shock death of both Emma and Finn.


The man behind the popular soap has stated that there will be a strain on Ross and Pete Barton’s relationship since the tragic death of Emma and her son.

Last week viewers were shocked when Emma accidentally shot her Finn during the barn fire and then Finn later died from his injuries.

Ross Barton and his brother Pete will learn the news that Emma was his killer in a new twist on the show. In the tragic episode last week Emma then took her own life after killing her son.

Speaking to OK! Ian MacLeod talked about what is next to come for the family amid their current tragedies. He spoke of how the brothers have dealt with the deaths and whether it will tear their relationship apart.

“Pete, Ross and Moira will soldier on; Moira is in a massive story for the rest of the year.

“Adam is caught up in the aftermath. They’re more united than not, actually.”

“I love Pete and Ross’ relationship, we explore in detail later.”

Will Ross and Pete be there for each other, now that they only have each other?



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