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RSVP Businesswoman of the Week: Pamela Flood, Yon-Ka Skincare Ambassador and owner of Dublin’s Counter Culture

Via Johnny McMillan Photography

Former Miss Ireland Pamela Flood is a Yon-Ka Skincare Ambassador and owner of Dublin’s Counter Culture restaurant, as well as a busy mum of three

Here Pamela tells us the secrets to her success…….

Tell us a bit about you…

I’m currently a mum of three small kids, so that’s the brunt of my workload! I do a little bit of TV work here and there and I do voice over work too. My husband and I set up a health food restaurant just over a year and a half ago called Counter Culture. We started out in Powerscourt, but recently moved to Mercer Street beside Stephens Green because we needed bigger kitchens to meet demand. A lot of our clients are corporate companies, which we weren’t expecting, but its great!

Tell us about your career journey?

I stopped modelling about 20 years ago after a short-lived career. I only did it for about 2/3 years. It wasn’t that I didn’t like modelling, but I didn’t like the uncertainty of it. There were months where I had loads of gigs, and there were months when I was wondering what to do with myself because it would be so quiet. After modelling, I went to work for a record company for a few years, and from there I went RTE as a continuity announcer. After living in London for a few years I returned to RTE to work on Off the rails, and its been TV ever since. Over the past few years however I’ve been more of a mama home-maker.

What makes you so passionate about Counter Culture?

Me and my husband both love our food, but we also love the wrong foods! We have to work quite hard not to just completely go nuts on and eat piles of junk. From the time me and my husband met we always said that it would be great if there were places where we could just go an get fast good that was actually healthy. It finally came to pass when we opened the restaurant a year and a half ago. We are opening a fast food business in the next month or two. It looks like it will be in Rather and it will be collection and delivery only. If people want something a bit yummy but guilt free, we will drop it to their door!

What’s your favourite part of your job?

I just took over the social media a few weeks ago and I’m really enjoying that. We get a lot of feedback from people and it’s lovely to hear all the nice things that they have to say about the restaurant. Its very important to us that people enjoy both the food and the experience. I suppose what’s really exciting about it is that its still such a fledgling business. My husband is a chef and he’s in the restaurant business a long long time, but its all new for me and I’m really enjoying learning. Its a family business, so its our baby.

What’s been your biggest achievement to date?

When the recession hit, it hit myself and Ronan very hard. We had some very tough times, but I think getting through that and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel has probably been our best achievement.

What is your biggest motivation? 

That’s easy – while all of that horrible financial stuff was happening, there were also some lovely things happening. We started a family and had three gorgeous kids together – we have four really because Ronan’s son also lives with us. They were our drive, we did it for them. They’re great incentives. No matter how bad your day was, your kids can always still put a smile on your face.

Via Johnny McMillan Photography

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in your career?

I remember talking to someone about the sleepless nights when my son was a little boy, and they said ‘Remember, it’s only just a phase.’ Whatever he’s doing today he won’t be doing next month, or in six months time. I look at career and finances in the same way. No matter how rotten it is, it’s just a phase. As long as you’re willing to stay optimistic and put the effort in, it will always pass.

What’s your next big goal?

The Counter Culture takeaway will be a very big deal to us. We’ll have all hands on deck to get that up and running. I think it could be a big extension of the company rather than just a side line. It would be nice to have a few around both north and south Dublin – that would be the dream!



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