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RSVP One To Watch: The Fab Diaries

In this week’s One to Watch, Cork bloggers Orla and Tina from The Fab Diaries talk about their friendship, the world of blogging in Ireland and their fashion icons with RSVP’s Susan Knox.


Firstly, tell us a little bit about yourselves!

Orla: I’m 24, I live in Cork and work as a beauty advisor for a luxury make up brand.

Tina: I am 23, I live in Limerick and work as an Account Manager with American Luxury online retailer

How long have you two been friends for?

We have been friends for about ten years now. Wow!


When and why did you decide to set up The Fab Diaries?

We set up the blog in May 2014. We are both lovers of all things fabulous and had been sharing make up and outfit ‘inspo’ on our private Facebook pages a lot – mostly to each other. We thought it might be a better idea to build one place where we shared these musings and hopefully build a small community to share them with and so The Fab Diaries was born.

What other blogs or bloggers are you inspired by?

Tina: Irish bloggers I adore are Louise has impeccable style & the other is  Retro Flame..Erika Fox is Coco Chanel reincarnate. International bloggers (American) I love are & . I love women ‘doing their thing’  and these four bloggers are very much representatives of that.

Orla: I don’t even know where to start, there’s so many. I love Joanne Larby, I’ve followed her for years, her material is so varied and I love her positive attitude, she’s very every day girl which I really like, such a dote to her followers too. Internationally I adore Desi Perkins, she is a makeup queen and she is so funny and totally down to earth (you’d swear I’ve met her).


Would you say it’s more difficult to share a blog with a friend like you do, or is there benefits to it?

Tina: Well, I definitely do not see any downside. We are not the same person and even though we might have similar tastes in some things we also have some differences – for example I cannot do a cut crease yet Orla is the queen of them. I think that is the beauty of The fab diaries – there’s something for pretty much everyone.

Orla: I’m the same as Teens. We kind of do our own thing and it just works. At the start we literally used to text each other and be like, come here I’m going posting something there now so don’t you post anything, so funny when I think of it. Now it’s like we’re telepathic it just happens. I think our interests complement each other well.

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

Tina: My favourite thing about blogging is the fact that it is a great way  to express yourself and what you are passionate about.

Orla: My favourite thing is interacting with our followers, I love discussing products and techniques with them.


What have been your highlights so far?

Tina: Accidentally meeting girls on the Fab Diaries community in real life. Every time it happens they say how much they love the blog and I can’t put into words how happy that makes us. Some people even take time to private mail us to just say they love the blog!

Orla: I have to agree with Tina, it’s so surreal when we’re approached by followers and I know everyone says this but we really do have the nicest followers every they are so sweet to us.

What are your hopes for The Fab Diaries for the future?

Tina: To be honest I just want for us to be able to still have fun with it as we are now and definitely for our cute little community to keep growing. We have a lot to do with it but we are both in full time jobs so we are still struggling with striking that balance.

Orla: Just to keep doing what we’re doing and to get better at it. Sometimes we’re not as consistent as we’d like, as Tina said, we find it hard with work but we’re getting there. I just want to focus on giving our followers interesting and original content.


When you’re not blogging, what do you like to get up to? What are your other hobbies and interests?

Tina: I LOVE reading  and still prefer my books in paper and not digital so is a sanctuary. I recently read widely acclaimed Jojo Moyes ‘Me before you‘ in one day -no joke. It’s a great book, the movie comes out June 3rd with Emilia Clarke and Sam Cafflin (swoon). I am currently reading the sequel ‘after you’. I also love watching the talks on, highly recommend everyone to check it out. It’s basically listening to these incredibly brilliant people give fascinating insight into everyday topics.

Orla: I’m going to sound so sad here but I literally eat, sleep and drink make up. I’m obsessed with watching Youtube tutorials, looking at other artists work on Instagram (Ourfa Zinali and Amrezy -obsessed) and practicing my own technique.

What would be your top five tips for anyone who wishes to start up a blog?

Tina: One: Spell check, Two:  Decide what tone (voice) you are going to use and stick to it, Three: When you have ‘writer’s block’ head to and read other blogs, Four: Have fun with it, Five: Make sure your website if you have one is easy to read/ use.

Orla: One: Be yourself, if you read something and it’s not how you’d talk to your friends, start again, Two: Be honest, I’m a really positive person but if I don’t like a product, I’ll say it, followers value that, Three: Write about what you love, Four: Learn from the best, I take huge inspiration from bloggers from all over the world, they got to where they are for a reason, Five: It’s not going to happen over night and that’s okay.

Check out the girls amazing blog HERE!




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