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RSVP Women of Style: Lauren Bejaoui

In the latest instalment of the series, fashion blogger, Lauren Bejaoui  talks life, career and style with RSVP’s Blathin de Paor



Your path into the industry…

I’ve always seen myself pursuing a career in fashion. Its been a big part of who I am and who I’ll grow to be. At a young age I dabbled in styling and modelling so I’ve covered many bases in terms of fashion. I see myself entering fashion buying but for the moment I’m working on personal projects and also working in luxury retail. I really enjoy working closely with customers and really understating what they actually want. My years of retail experience will be a big help once I enter buying.

Your greatest achievement…

I’m truly grateful for all the opportunities I’ve been given and I still feel so lucky each time I’m approached by a brand or an individual. I feel they’re all my greatest but working alongside brands such as Parfois and American Apparel have been quite memorable!



Your style…

I like to keep it simple but sexy! I love clean lines and boxy silhouettes but it always has to have some sex appeal be it something as simple as a plunging neckline. I seasonally add some key pieces to my collection such as the addition of some sleek cigarette pants, mechanical looking sunnies and a structured bomber which I would incorporate with my classic pieces. I’m working towards a more refine capsule collection for clothing.


Your style icons…

I absolutely adore Victoria Beckham! She’s uber cool and so sleek, to think she was once a spice girl! I love keeping up with her personal style and lusting over all her collections. What else can I say? She’s iconic.

Your favourite piece…

My piece of the season would have to be my new Balenciaga bag. Its the perfect size, has amazing structure to it and has marble detailing which made it the perfect everyday bag for me. It adds that extra something to event the most basic look and adds a little element of luxury.



Your skincare routine…

I keep it as simple as possible! I use Proactiv skincare with the addition of toning using witch hazel. Water is also a massive part of my routine and it keeps my skin looking plump and hydrated. Its so important to look after your skin from a young age!

Your favourite products…

I couldn’t go without my Nars Creamy Concealer! This stuff is absolutely magic and keeps my skin looking flawless. I apply it under my eyes and around my nose then leave it to dry for about a min then buff it out with a damp beauty blender.



Your ‘me’ time…

I live quite a hectic life and am constantly in the presence of people so I love just coming home and chilling out in my room. I find it so calming and its definitely my sanctuary. I close the door and just shut off.


Your favourite restaurant…

At the moment I’m loving Söder + Ko on Georges street! Its Scandinavian/Asian fusion so the food is so tasty and it has such a cool yet sophisticated vibe. The super lovely staff and yummy cocktails are a total bonus!

Your favourite holiday destination…

I went travelling around Croatia this summer and had such an amazing time. Its such a beautiful and laid back country with so much to offer including a never ending line up of summer music festivals. I really couldn’t recommend it enough as a holiday destination.


Your stress-busting tip…

Exercising! It really helps my to release any pent up stress and gets my line of concentration back to where it should be. My sister is my trainer and without her and her company @TotalFIT (on Instagram) i’d be one stressed out lady.


Your style…

My room is my sanctuary and i like to keep it as clean and minimal as possible! There are lots of shades of grey with copper accents and dark wood flooring. Everything has a place so its a super calming clutter free environment!


Your favourite piece…

My favourite piece would have to be my Mondrian inspired map of the world. I absolutely adore Mondrian’s work and this map adds the right kind of colour pop to my muted pallet. I got it from Etsy and it sits pretty on my desk.


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