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RSVP’s One to Watch: Leah Kenny

In this weeks One to Watch, style blogger Leah Kenny chats to RSVP’s Mikie O’Loughlin

Firstly, tell us about yourself?

My name is Leah Kenny. I am 21 years old and am from Ennis, Co. Clare on the West of Ireland. I am currently in my final year in Mary I Limerick studying Primary Teaching. I run my own fashion and beauty blog, Styleah, where fashion and beauty on a budget is my area of expertise! I have a huge interest in fashion and beauty and decided that starting my own blog would allow me to share my own sense of style, fashion tips and tricks and how to rock current trends on a budget with others who have a similar interest. I also write a fashion column for “Love From” magazine which is based in the UK.

Where did your passion for fashion and style come from?

Growing up with two older sisters that are very stylish definitely had an influence on my fashion choices and what I wore (mostly their old clothes). To this day I still run some of my outfit choices by them for honest opinions and advice! As I got older I just developed my own love for fashion through reading magazines and fashion blogs, following fashion shows to keep up with latest trends and also browsing the shops.  When I started working and making my own money, I started to buy my own clothes and become more conscious of what I was buying and wearing so that it reflected my own style.

Leah Kenny

Leah Kenny

When did you start you blog?

I started Styleah a year ago this month and have not looked back since. It took alot of courage to set it up and start promoting it as I was nervous about the general reaction and whether or not people would read it. But with much support and encouragement from friends and family, I bit the bullet and went for it and it was honestly one of the best decisions I have made yet!

Who has been your biggest inspiration to date?

As far as Irish bloggers go, definitely Pippa O’Connor. I think that she is very talented and is a real expert in her area. I love her style-she always looks so chic and it seems so effortless! I also look up to Erika Fox, otherwise known as ‘Retro Flame’, who is an Irish blogger is currently living in New York. I admire her courage in making the big move to New York by herself. It has stood to her now and she is really making things happen for herself as far as her blog and career.

I am also a fan of Suzanne Jackson (SoSueMe) and got to attend one of her workshops back in November. Her blogging journey is admirable and she has really worked hard to get where she is today with the launch of her SOSU collection. I follow all of these bloggers on Snapchat and love to see what they are up to and what fashion and beauty trends they are loving!

Leah Kenny

Leah Kenny

What are your other hobbies and interests? How do you de-stress?

I play Irish Traditional Music and have played in bands and groups since I was seven years old. I also love to go running, getting out in the fresh air and listening to music as de-stressers! I also find that calling and meeting up with friends for a chat is great to relieve stress.

Describe your own style in 4 words

Sophisticated, chic, eclectic, classy.


Where do you like to shop yourself?

Penneys all the way! I work in Penneys so I always get to see the new trends and pieces as they arrive. This can be dangerous though as I end up spending my wages there! I also love River Island and Willow which is a ladies boutique located in Ennis. There is also a new store after opening in Galway too. They stock brands such as Vera Moda, Ted Baker and Pieces which I love. I am an avid online shopper too so my go-to sites are and

What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?

This is a tough question! I have so many pieces that I love and always reach for but my favourite item would have to be my black skinny jeans from River Island. They are the Molly style and are mid rise and literally go with anything! For me, black skinnies are a staple item in anyone’s wardrobe but I love this style in particular. Great quality and last for ages.

What are your three top items in your make up bag?

Definitely the Pippa Palette- a life saver in a palette as you have everything you need for a daytime look save your foundation and mascara!

The Boots Botanics Radiance Balm which is great to use under your foundation as a base that provides a subtle glow. Also acts as a primer so your foundation will stay put all day.

I am a mascara lover. If I could only wear one makeup item a day it would be mascara as it opens up and brightens the eyes, helping you to look more awake. My favourites are the NYC Big Bold Mascara and Rimmel Extra Super Lash, both in black.


If you could make over any celeb who would it be?

Nicky Hilton-this lady has an amazing and sophisticated style and I am forever scrolling through her Instagram. However, there is only so much black and white one can wear so I would love to make her over and add some colours and prints to her wardrobe. I would love to see her wardrobe also!

What are your hopes for the future and what is your ultimate goal?

I want to grow Styleah as much as I can and really break into the blogging business. I hope to travel once I finish college and bring my blog wherever I go. That is the beauty of it as you can travel all over the world and still open up your laptop in the evenings and type away and publish a blog post. I look forward to being able to do that and experience fashion all over the world and share my experiences with others. First stop-New York!  This has always been a dream of mine and if I can bring and grow Styleah over there then even better.

I would love to get into styling as well and maybe even have my own fashion line one day-who knows!

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