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RSVP’s Women of Style: Aisling Cunningham

In this week’s RSVP Women of Style, we talk life, career and style with owner of Powder n Pout, Aisling Cunningham.


Your path into the industry…

I started hairdressing at a young age at just 16, enrolling in the local college NWRC for hair and beauty. After finishing my three years of training and working a further three in local salons, I moved to Liverpool and trained under a senior Mac artist, while trying other make-up brands like Illamasqua in London. While working freelance and with the public in salons it was then that I realised the gap in the market, for a user friendly brand. At that point I started to source and design my brush range. I returned to Ireland three years ago and opened Powder ’n’ Pout Hair and Makeup Salon. The salon has been growing from strength to strength since. Our Brush range launched last year and we showcased in the RDS Irish Beauty Show in March, this was our main break into the market along with our online shop that launched in November 2015.

Your greatest achievement…

This year has been a fantastic year. The salon is in it’s 3rd year, running very successfully thanks to all our wonderful clients. I’ve launched my own Brush Range and online-shop, won IBYE Best Established Business in Donegal and Young Business Person of the Year Inishowen. I have high hopes and believe you should take stock of every small accomplishment, setting goals for each year and letting every year be better than the last.



Your style

I would like to think I have a quirky sense of fashion, I love experimenting with different looks and styles. I find I wear a lot of black through my day to day work in salon and try to break out of the mould when not at work. I’m also a complete accessory geek anything from shoes and bags to head scarves and jewelry.

Your style icon

It’s probably a hard question for me, I wouldn’t say I had an overall style icon as such, if I was pinned down though someone like Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn. All Fashion is recycled and modernised but I think if you look back to the main icon in each era you have to give respect.

Your favourite piece

This is something that changes quite often, currently I’m in love with my Freddie High Waisted Jeans, super comfy for this time of year, and can be dressed up with my favorite gold sparkly Kurt Geigier Heels.



Your skincare routine

I spend so much time with my skin, it’s the canvas that I work on every day so I find it so important to look after it. My skin tends to be quite dehydrated with working in the salon with the hot air and aerosol sprays at the weekend so I tend to use a lot of hydrating moisturisers and masks.

Your favourite product

My skin seems to love the Germaine de Capuccini skin care, they have some great eye serums and a fantastic soft skin scrub, for moisture Rodial have an amazing hydrating “super food” cleanser, and when I need an overall pick me up, the Glamglow Mud Masks are my go to.



Your ‘me’ time

In the evenings I enjoy winding down with a cup of tea and getting lost in a good book. The obvious retail therapy is of course a must and when I can manage it a visit to my favourite hotel spa.

Your hobbies

I love going for a walk in the long evenings with my fiancé John, and when I can I enjoy working out and relaxing at my local Hot Yoga Studio.

Your favourite restaurant

I love a night out with friends we usually mix up where we go. I am a pretty plain eater. My absolute favourite place is The Loeb Boathouse, New York, the food is delicious and the setting is amazing in the middle of central park on the lakeside, while the gondola’s floating by. Every time John and I visit New York, I have to get there. It’s the kind of place you could go on a Sunday and just sit with a glass of wine, and enjoy the scenery while someone rattles away on the piano in the background. I took a recharge in New York in early January with John and it was fab!


Your favourite holiday destination

I think the city lights attract me so again I would say I love New York, the sights and sounds of the city, there’s such a buzz and mixture of culture. I’m not a sit on the sun-bed type of person, that’s great for a day or so but I get restless and need to explore and find new things. New York has so much to do and see even if you avoid the usual touristy hot spots.


Your stress-busting tip…

Simply for me, I just step away from it, take time to look at things from the outside, breathe and relax. I find that when I’m completely stressed, if I don’t do this everything will build up and you end up getting nothing done and worrying about everything. I like to remove myself from everything for 30mins or an hour if possible, go for a walk, read a book, go to my yoga class, whatever will lift your head space and take you somewhere calmer. I find when you come back you are more focused and ready to look at things from a different perspective.



Your Style

I definitely love the traditional/rustic home styling. I’m a tactile person I like different textures, hard wood floors, rugs. I like a home to be cosy and lived in, I have been known to up-cycle old pieces of furniture.

Your Favourite Piece

I have a pair of wood and iron Wall Sconces that hold large cathedral candles. I found them in a little shop in Letterkenny in Donegal that sit at either side of our fireplace. I love to light candles in the evening, I would probably have the whole house filled with candles if I could.

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