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RSVP’s Women of Style: Deirdre Body

In the latest instalment of the series,  owner of ‘Body Treats’ beauty salon, Deirdre Body talks life, career and style with RSVP’s Blathin de Paor  



Your path into the industry…

At 17 years of age I did a course in Beauty Therapy with The Galligan College of Beauty. After completing my course I worked in a salon and went on to be a tutor for the college, but within a short space of time I knew that ‘hands on’ in the salon was where I wanted to be, and in July 1991 I opened the doors to ‘Body Treats’ Beauty Salon.


Your greatest achievement…

My greatest achievement work wise was when we won the Wedding Journal  Make-up Artist of the year 2015 at a very glamorous gala event held at The Gibson hotel in May. Although we cover all aspects of beauty therapy in the salon, we launched in the wedding sector in a big way this year and after being narrowed down to the final five in the country we went on to scoop the award and bring the title to the Banner county.




Your style…

I tend to go for timeless pieces, classic styles with some quirky detailing where possible.At the moment I’m going through a Ted Baker phase,  I love browsing through all the beautifully cut designs on the Ted Baker rails, taking in the attention to detail that this label  has to offer and it never disappoints  with its subtle touches of embroidery and trims. I think this brand offers twice the product for half the price with beautiful fabrics and tailoring. Willow in Ennis is one of my ‘Go To’ stores for all the latest fashion trends .


Your style icons…

Jackie Kennedy Onassis . She was undeniably one of the greatest style icons of the last century. Her style was emulated in the 60s and is still emulated now….THAT is the key to being an icon.She took chic to a whole new level. Simple silhouettes, classic colours and perfect tailoring, she ticked all the boxes. I believe that we also have some modern day icons too. Amal Clooney is my present day icon. I love how she can shed her daytime professional look to hit the town in Stella McCartney. She always seems to get her accessories just right too, I just love her signature Prada sunglasses and double stranded necklaces.

Your favourite piece…

I have a weakness for coats which I think comes from the fact that I am in a uniform most of the week. I find it a method of expressing myself outside of the uniform and themed with a matching bag or scarf, I feel it brings me confidence and a sense of who I am outside of the salon. My favourite coat is a Jackie ‘O’ inspired 3/4 length cream coat with 3/4 length sleeves and is adorned in pearl and lace embellishments. I could just look at that coat all day, it transports me to a different era and I feel happy there.



Your skincare routine…

My daily skincare routine begins each day my cleansing with my Dermalogica Essential Cleansing solution,Multi Active Toner,Multivitamin Power Firm cream and an application of the SkinSmoothing Cream. I adore Dermalogica’s Skin Perfect Primer on my days off to blend and smooth out any blemishes and with a price tag of €45  this would be my desert Island product as it also has an SPF of 30. At night I like to up my routine a little by adding in the Daily Microfoliant every second night and I would use a richer night cream as your cells have more active cell renewal by night. I also like to use more concentrated products to generate and stimulate more active cell renewal.



Your ‘me’ time…

Once a week I have a mini – facial at home where I ‘Exfoliate to Hydrate’ . Dermalogica’s Multi Vitamin Power Recovery Masque is full of antioxidants that help to rescue and smooth away the stress on my skin after the week. I look forward to doing this once a week… this is my ‘me time’, although we might up that to a spa day in the New Year!! As every beauty therapist knows,we spend the week looking after people but you have to take stock and have a bit of a treat your self now and then too. Dermalogica products are so rich in vitamins A,C and E that they are the perfect cocktail for my skin at the end of a week.


Your hobbies…..

With the Wild Atlantic Way just on our doorstep,walking has always been my great escape .It gives me time to think, take a break from ,work through any problems, come up with ideas, replay my day and discover solutions while taking in the beautiful coastline from Lahinch to the Cliffs of Moher. It’s my kind of meditation.


Your favourite restaurant…

Eating out with friends and family is always a real treat for me too.Spoilt for choice between Lahinch and Liscannor I would have to say that fish restaurants can’t be beaten by what we have on our doorstep.A meal in Vaughan’s Anchor Inn Liscannor never disappoints and is our favourite restaurant both at home and abroad where many a celebratory meal has been had.

Your favourite holiday destination…

I love the hustle and bustle of city life when we decide to go away. I suppose you always want something different and the bright lights of a city always excite me when it comes to holiday destinations. I’m not really one for lying by the pool when we have the beach right beside us, so a trip to family in NYC always ticks all the boxes for us. I love the shopping trips, walking, hiking, theatre or simply catching up with family in the evening Al fresco. I think it’s important to maintain the bond with each generation that has left Ireland for America in the past and while it’s great to go away it also makes you appreciate more what you have at home when you come back.


Your stress-busting tip…

You’ll laugh,but my stress busting tip is cleaning. At the end of the day/ working week I achieve such pleasure after doing my housework in relaxing with a cup of tea and my RSVP magazine all cosy in my kitchen/family room. I love this space as its bright and airy and when everything is clean and tidy I just find it declutters my mind. I could sit there for a while and just take everything in and take time to  think how grateful and  appreciative I am for everything I have.

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