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RSVP’s Women of Style: Nicola McLaughlin

In the latest instalment of the series, fashion blogger, Nicola McLaughlin  talks life, career and style with RSVP’s Blathin de Paor

Nicola McLaughlin fashion photoshoot.


Your Path into the industry

I wanted to find a way of breaking into the industry without moving too far away from my home in Donegal so I decided to set up my blog “The Sequin Cinderella” which gave me the opportunity to be involved in the fashion world whilst working from home. My blog received such an incredible response that I made the decision to return to University, this time to Fashion & Textiles, in order to pursue my dream of being a designer. I am now at the stage of launching my second collection and will have items available for order in the very near future.

Your Greatest Achievement  

The most proud moment for me so far has been watching my own collection grace the catwalk of a charity fashion show near my home town but my biggest achievement to date has been winning the RSVP Magazine Blogger of the Year Peoples choice award two years running. That was an incredible feeling.



Your style

I would describe my style as an eclectic mix of a variety of trends – I don’t follow fashion as such, I just follow my mood! If I feel like dressing like a rock chick one day then I might go leather clad from head to toe, other days I might decide to go for a more elegant lady like look and wear something more tailored and clean cut. I like it like that because it makes everyday’s wardrobe more interesting.

Your style icons  

I tend not to have icons as I don’t wish to emulate anyone else’s style, but I do have people that I admire, for example, Olivia Palermo can do no wrong in my eyes, she always looks styled to perfection, as does Victoria Beckham whom I have been a fan of since her Spice Girl days. I also am a HUGE fan of Vivienne Westwood and her continued edgy punk stance on fashion.

Your favourite piece

I know I am biased but I have to say my own “Jewelled Safari” dress – it is so much more special to me that anything I have bought because it is all me, from the print design to the cut of the dress, it is like my child. I recently wore it to a wedding and the response that I received was incredible.

Nicola McLaughlin fashion photoshoot.


Your skincare routine

I have to admit, for years I was a face wipe kind of girl, but I have since seen the light and I am now a huge fan of Bare Minerals. Everything else that I tried was a little too harsh for my skin so I converted to Bare Minerals and now use everything from their cleansers to their foundations. I have definitely noticed a difference in the appearance of my skin since changing over and have been recommending it to everyone.

My favourite products

As well as Bare Minerals, I love the Garnier Micellar Cleansing water for a quick make up removal, I also love EOS lip balms as they taste delicious and I don’t go anywhere without mascara and Lip liner, My favourites being Rimmel Volume Flash Mascara and Mac Lip Liner in the colour “Spice”

Nicola McLaughlin fashion photoshoot.


Your me time

My “me” time generally consists of updating my blog, my social media accounts etc. or else designing prints or outfits. I very rarely take time off as I see it as a waste! For me, there aren’t enough hours in the day to achieve everything I want to achieve.

 Your hobbies

My blog and designing are definitely my two main hobbies, but I also love to read, to swim and to shop! I could literally shop all day every day and never get tired or bored.


 Your favourite restaurant

My favourite restaurant that I visit in every country that I am in has to be The Hard Rock Cafe, I love the vibe of the place and the fact that each one has something new to see – In Ireland, the most luxurious restaurant I have been to is Patrick Gibauld in the Merrion Hotel, I was there on a trip with Louis Vuitton a few years back and I have never forgotten the food, the flavours and the experience.

Your favourite holiday destination

I have to say Marbella, I go there most years with my family and I just love it. The style and the people watching is incredible, the weather is almost always guaranteed and the nightlife is amazing!

 Your stress busting tip

Every now and then my boyfriend and I love to head off to a spa for the weekend to switch off and totally chill out. I love getting a massage and unwinding in the pool. My favourite so far has been the Galgorm resort and Spa in Northern Ireland with its outdoor hot tub and amazing location by the river. It’s total luxury!



Your style

In my home I love to combine vintage antiques with a modern twist. The vibe of our house is quite traditional with a country kitchen style, then you step into my room and the walls are a mix of leopard and zebra print. I love for my home to convey my fashion sense so it incorporates many different moods or styles.

Nicola McLaughlin fashion photoshoot.

Favourite piece 

I have to say my wardrobe – it has now overflowed into a room in the attic which I have redesigned as a walk in wardrobe – the rails are packed to the brim as I never throw anything away but every so often I find lovely treasures in there that I have forgotten about – I don’t believe that things go out of fashion so I always keep them for when I want to bring a look back or customise something to give it a different edge. I could spend all day in my wardrobe

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