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RSVP’s Women of Style: Julie Collier

In this week’s RSVP Women of Style, we talk life, career and style with stylist Julie Collier



Your path into the industry…

From about 4th class people began asking “what do you want to be when you grow up?”. I never knew what to say! I prayed for divine inspiration from then, until well after university. It never came. I went from job to job, working everywhere from a cheese factory to the post office. After graduating I went into retail and after two years plucked up the courage to move to London. Even after moving it took me ages to finally take the chance and try fashion. I got so so lucky. I began assisting after a friend, already in the industry, recommended me. From there I begged and badgered people to go on shoots. I made tea, did returns, organised boxes of hangers and worked for free to get as much experience as I could. I am still learning and developing within the industry, I don’t think that will ever stop but I am just so thrilled that I finally found my footing.

Your greatest achievement…

Since I started I have come further than I ever thought possible in such a short amount of time. Although I’m nowhere near where I want to get to, every achievement, no matter how small, has been celebrated. Being asked to do shoots, picked ahead of so many other stylists is such a huge boost. Having my Dad ask how work is cause he now knows it’s a job and not a moment of madness on par with joining the circus! Having friends send me screenshots of stuff I have done is amazing. Although if I had to pick one highlight so far it would be styling two shows back to back for BBC3 and E4!



Your style…

My style right now is quite minimal, sporty and masculine. I used to wear a lot of vintage, colour and patterns whereas now I love clean lines, muted colours & modern design. My wardrobe is mostly grey, black, white, navy with a touch of stripes. I love boys clothes- the baggier the better! In a world of fast fashion and ten trends a year I like to invest in key pieces.  I want a wardrobe that will stand the test of time. For example, I own loads of black trousers and white shirts but I only have three handbags and a tiny handful of jewellery. I like to keep things simple as much as I can.

Your style icons…

I have a few people who I take inspiration from but my major source of fashion crushes and that “rush-out-&-buy-now” feeling usually comes from stylists. I love looking at shoots in magazines and online, flicking through look books of my favourite brands and seeing what they are doing. I find that most women, myself included usually wear what we feel works for our bodies. So what suits one woman may not suit another. The same isn’t said for the freedom of styling a shoot. It’s a total black canvas and that is where people really get creative. It’s so inspiring. I take all the elements I like and attempt to make them work in my life.


Your favourite piece…

I have two. The first is my Chanel mini calfskin bag. When I was 16 I said I wanted a Chanel bag. This statement was met with ridicule. How silly was I to want something like that at 16? Also what a waste of money! All the other things you could buy for that price?!? Madness! But I persisted and saved quietly. Finally at 23 I flew home to spend my hard saved cash in Brown Thomas. My shopaholic Mother and Grandmother met me at the airport and we went to Graftton St to make the purchase of a lifetime. The second is something I treasure but truly I wish I didn’t own. Last summer my shopaholic Grandmother passed away and left me her gold medallion necklace of Pope John Paul the second. It’s the most important thing I possess and very bitter sweet. I’m just glad she left me something I can wear, use and look at every day.


Your skincare routine…

I have had eczema since I was a tot so the battle against dry skin has been a lifelong thing so in order to keep my skin in good nick I need to obey the fundamental rules of beauty: hydrate hydrate hydrate. Never leave your makeup on longer than you have to and always take it off. Exfoliate twice a week with either sugar and a little water or a loofah. I am obsessed with body lotions and sunscreens taking extra care of my décolletage. A beloved French teacher in school once said “you can always tell a ladies age by her décolletage”.

Your favourite products…

I love long thick lashes and use “Lastisse” almost every day- it really works!  Things I could not live without: Tweezerman tweezers, Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade and eye brow brush, Moroccan Oil hair treatment and Jo Malone peony and blush suede.



Your ‘me’ time…

If I had a super hero power I think it would be “lounging”. I can lounge about like no other, it’s quite the skill. My “me” time is spent either knee deep in a series on Netflix consuming as much tea and chocolate biscuits as I can or flicking through magazines, scanning old shoots I love, admiring trends that have been and gone- again consuming tea and bikkies at an alarming rate. If doing nothing was a qualification I would have a PHD.

Your hobbies…

When I was younger I was pony mad, always smelling like a horse and muck from head to toe. Horse riding was the biggest thing in my life and although I can’t do it as much as I would like I still count it as a hobby. If I am not on a horse or re reading harry potter for the 10000th time then I will probably be on Instagram. It’s such a maze of inspiration and I am constantly finding things that I have never seen or dreamt of before. It’s such a special thing that often gets over looked or scoffed at as a way to kill time or a popularity contest but the truth of it is it’s a credible artistic outlet saturated with trends and daily movements of a generation.


Your favourite restaurant…

London: The Breakfast Club, Meat Mission and Patty & Bun for bold dinners!
Ireland: Avoca because I have such lovely memories of being collected from the airport by friends and family and going there for good grub and a catchup. Supermacs and I love a hot chicken roll from Downeys in Portlaoise.
New York: Egg Shop and The Butcher’s Daughter.

Your favourite holiday destination…

Because I live in London my favorite things to do it come home, home holidays are the best! Aside from that I love Italy, the food the people, the food! Last year I visited Bali with my boyfriend and it was hard to leave there. I set a life goal for myself to head back as soon as possible and as many times as possible. It was absolute paradise and such a treat to be able to have a life that allows me to even go to a place like Bali.


Your stress-busting tip…

When I’m feeling a little blue and life is spinning a touch too fast I find that making a list of things to do helps. But this list is different. It’s designed to make me feel better and not worse. Start by putting all the big things you have to do on it, even the things that might be the cause of your stress, but put small things on it too, things you would never normally put on a to do list. Things like: make a cup of tea, text two people and tell them you love them, make your bed, take a multivitamin, take ten deep breaths, drink a glass of water. Fill the list with a load of little good deeds that you can tick off one after the other, I find the simple art of ticking off tasks makes you feel more centered and in control. If this doesn’t do the trick then I recommend tea and biscuits!



Your style…

My interior style is a little more adventurous that my personal style. I love bright spots of colour in the house. I adore the New York loft style, so white walls, exposed brick and lots of wood. I also love flowers! I love candles too.


Your favourite piece…

I was shooting on location in the south of England one Sunday at the beginning of Winter and the weather was awful. I was getting a really early train so it was around 5am and like a mirage, there was this amazing green velvet chair on the side of the street. It was embroiled in a mattress, a fridge and a broken bed frame. I couldn’t stop to rescue it so I rang my boyfriend & made him get up and salvage the gorgeous thing. To his ultimate credit he got up and did it without too much of a fuss.

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