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In the latest instalment of the series, Co- Owner of Vanity Rooms, Jennifer O’Brien talks life, career and style with RSVP’s Blathin de Paor



Your path into the industry…

I did beauty in college in Dun Laoghaire and then set up my own nail bar when I was 21, so I’ve worked for myself since then. On and off over the years, I worked with my current business partner, Jennifer Butler and we always kept in touch through the years. We started worked together again and had a few nail bars in different salons and we then decided to open Vanity Rooms six years ago.

Your greatest achievement…

The biggest highlight to date would probably be winning the Image 2014 award for the Best Beauty salon. We were up against some really stiff competition so to win was amazing. I’ve also being asked to return to my secondary school to talk to students about my career which is a real honour.


Jennifer and her business partner Jennifer Butler were recognised as Ireland’s Best Beauty Salon this year


Your style…

I love fashion, in work we wear a uniform which is great but when I’m not in work, I live in Zara clothes and wedges. I just don’t do flats and I’m never in them. For ladies lunches, which we go to a lot I love a tailored look, always from Design Centre. For nights out, I love getting glammed up. I love outfits like a pencil skirt and an off the shoulder top as it’s a little sexy and sophisticated but it’s not showing everything.

Your style icon…

I love Victoria Beckham’s look she’s always so polished. She never gets it wrong, I love her clean lines and she’s always sexy without flaunting it. I also love Jennifer Lopez, sometimes she does get it wrong but when she’s get it right, it’s amazing.

Your favourite piece…

I have a dress from Design Centre that I absolutely love. It’s a chocolate brown off the shoulder dress with a black belt and I don’t get to wear it that often, but I love to wear it any chance I get. I wore it on our opening night and to the Image Business Women of the Year awards, it’s just timeless.


This chocolate brown dress is Jennifer’s favourite piece in her wardrobe


Your skincare routine…

We use Dermalogica in the salon and I use that to maintain my skin. I’m really good when it comes to skincare because if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be selling my business very well. I also use the iS Clinical products for really good results. I get their Fire and Ice facials; they’re known as the red carpet facials and they are just amazing for your skin as you see instant results. I’m quite regimented with all the skincare steps, cleanse, tone, serum eye cream etc. My bathroom is probably as well stocked as the salon shelves. I’m very conscious of my skin as I’m in my late thirties and although I have good skin I think now is the time where you really need to look after it, so I’m very strict with my regime.

Your favourite products…

I have an obsession with MAC lip-glosses, the girls in the salon slag me about the number I have. I also love my Chanel Lumiere foundation, I’ve tried others but I always go back to that and I can’t live without my beautiful brows kit. I won’t go outside the door without lip gloss, mascara and brows done.

jenn swaine 1

Jennifer is obsessed with lip gloss, mascara and brows and always has them done before leaving the house


Your ‘me’ time…

I’m a bit of a gym bunny. I’m not one to sit and relax, I have to burn off my energy so I love to go to the gym or get out for a run. I always love to get to Marley Park on days off with my little boy and trying new restaurants with my husband.

Your hobbies…

I’m a little bit of an adrenaline junkie and I love doing a bit of adventure too. This year I did fire walking for charity and did coasteering you know where you jump off the side of a cliff into the sea. I also love anything to do with food! I love things like Taste of Dublin and I’m always checking out LovinDublin for anything new food-wise in Dublin.


Going to food events like Taste of Dublin is one of Jennifer’s favourite hobbies

Your favourite restaurant…

I love Saba and Fade Street Social, but there’s so many great places to go and try in the city it’s hard to narrow it down.

Your favourite holiday destination…

The stand out would be Thailand. My husband and I went for three weeks and did some “flashpacking” so you still have a backpack, but you stay in the flashy hotels.

Your stress-busting tip…

For me it’s definitely exercise. If I’m really stressed and can’t get exercising I get more stressed as it’s my time to myself and my me time. My other chill out, is getting a pedicure in our massage chairs in Vanity Rooms.


Your style…

I love my house. It’s quite quirky, modern and traditional mixed. I had a house with clean lines, glass and marble before I had my son but now my home is very homely. It’s an open plan style and a great place to have a party and have friends around.

Jennifer's kitchen is her favourite place in her home

Jennifer’s kitchen is her favourite place in her home

Your favourite piece…

I absolutely love our kitchen, everyone always hangs out there. We love having people over and sitting around the table listening to music and drinking wine.

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