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Ruth Scott loves her weekends off after being on 2FM

Ruth Scott loves her weekends off since she was replaced on RTE 2FM back in January.

The broadcaster- who is tying the knot this summer- said that she was “limited” because of her odd hours.

Photo: Martina Regan/RSVP Magazine

Working more on TV, especially The Today Show with Daithi and Maura, has allowed the Roscommon native to do some catching up.

Ten years of weekend work has taken its toll!

Speaking exclusively to RSVP Magazine, she said: “I love having my weekends off!

“I have been doing some hillwalking with my friends and having long, leisurely lunches with my fiancé. I have missed out on my weekends for the last ten years and now I can agree to make plans with people.

“It is a great freedom and although it was the best of both worlds while working short hours at the weekend, I was still limited.”

Photo: Martina Regan/RSVP Magazine

Travelling around the country meant that she couldn’t make plans, affecting her relationship with Rob Morgan, son of Father Ted’s Dermot Morgan.

“Ruth was expected to be at their beck and call the whole time, whether it was travelling in the roadcaster or doing interviews.

“She could have been working in Athlone one Saturday before being sent to the wilds of Kerry the very next day. It was horrible for us and we could never make plans,” he explained.

Photo Martina Regan

Stephen Byrne has since taken over the slot, but things took a turn for Ruth after Paddy McKenna moved to yhe world of online journalism two years ago.

“It is an easy conversation when there are two of you on air – Paddy and I were like a hand and a glove. There was a different dynamic or flow when I was presenting the show by myself.

“I have been on radio for 20 years and you can drop me in anywhere and I know that I can handle it. Every show can start to sound the same if they are all two-handers so there needs to be a mix of solo shows,” added Ruth.

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