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Ryan Thomas is going back to school

Ryan Thomas is going back to school after leaving Coronation Street.

The hunky actor who played the role of Jason Grimshaw on the ITV soap opera for 16 years will not be heading for the bright lights of Hollywood following major speculation about his future plans.

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Featureflash /

Thomas was rumoured to be making the plunge across the pond, but instead he will be going back to basics as he continues to train.

“I want to be creative and maybe go back to drama school to learn again because I’ve only ever known how to be one character,”

“So it’s about a new challenge, whatever it might be,” he told The Mirror.

via Twitter

via Twitter

Ryan also admitted that is was hard saying goodbye to his cast mates especially his on-screen family.

“It was so hard saying goodbye to Sue Cleaver and Bruno Langley, they have been like my family from the very beginning.

“We came in together and we’ve grown up together.

“I love them dearly. Me and Bruno were children when we came in and now we’ve got children,”

“It’s great. It was really lovely, there was a lot of love in one room. As cheesy as it is, we’re a family,” he added.

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The details of his exit have been kept under wraps by show bosses, but they will air on screens later this month.

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