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Salads Which Can Be Bought In Bags Are A Huge Salmonella Risk According To Scientists

Most of us have probably munched on a bagged salad leaf or two in our lifetime, because it’s so much easier than actually buying a head of lettuce and going to the effort of chopping it all up.


But a new study suggests that buying and eating these bagged salads might be not such a great idea.

Scientists warn that broken leaves in bagged salad may dramatically increase the risk of salmonella, after discovering juice from damaged leaves can boost growth of the food poisoning bug more than 2,400-fold.

Not only that, researchers add it can also increase bacteria’s virulence, making it more likely to cause an infection.

Experts warned consumers to avoid ready-cut salad if possible, to rinse bagged salad thoroughly, and not to let it get warm.

Scientists did not measure levels of salmonella in bought salad but they investigated the way the bacteria grew on damaged leaves and attached itself to plastic bag surfaces.

Cos, baby green oak, and red romaine lettuce, spinach, and red chard obtained from commercially available bag mixes were all used in the tests.

The experiments showed that juice from broken leaves increased salmonella growth in water by 110%. When the juice was added to a nutrient medium supporting salmonella, the bacteria’s growth was boosted more than 2,400-fold.

This is a bit off-putting to say the least.

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