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Set your alarm’s for 3am, as there is a meteor shower on it’s way

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Ireland’s Annual meteor shower is set to fill skies with thousands of stars this weekend.

Tonight the skies above are set to be filled with thousands of shooting stars as the yearly Perseids meteor shower reaches its peak.

According to David Moore, chairman of Astronomy Ireland

“Because the moonlight is up you’re probably as good watching in your backyard in the suburbs as you are in the countryside he added that the best time to watch for stars would be between midnight and 4am on Sunday.”

We will be watching out for this on our way home from the club tonight.

This weekend the moon is more than half-full and at 80% illumination its light will somewhat spoil the show for stargazers. According to David Moore people who live in more rural areas will get the view of this natural firework display.

Amazingly these meteors that are no bigger, than a grain of sand, burn up as they hit the atmosphere at 58 km per second to produce a shooting stream of light in the sky.

This is yearly occurrence; so don’t worry if you don’t make it out of bed this time!

By Katie Drea

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