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#SHOCKING: Dog owner fined €2,500 for allowing 5 dogs to suffer in terrible conditions

A dog owner in Tipperary, who was the owner of five dogs, has been brought to Cashel District Court for a severe case of animal cruelty and neglect. The owner caused unnecessary suffering to their dogs over a period of time.

The ISPCA discovered the five dogs living at the defendant’s property on December 7, 2015.

The dogs were kept in a filthy pen with no access to water, food or adequate shelter.

All five animals were found to be severely underweight for their breed and size and two of the younger puppies were infested with worms.

All five dogs were in such a state of neglect and starvation that they were signed over to the care of the ISPCA and urgently brought to a veterinary for inspections.

One dog in particular, a Pomeranian, had an extremely matted coat and was covered in his own faeces. His poor condition was so shockingly bad, that when Inspector Lacey first saw the animal, she was unsure of what breed he was. He had to be completely shaven, while under sedation. The veterinary inspection also revealed he had lost all his teeth, bar two. This poor dog required a long period of rehabilitation.

Discussing the case, ISPCA Inspector Lacey said, “The living conditions these dogs were kept in were horrendous and animal neglect will not be tolerated.
“Pet owners have a legal responsibility to provide appropriate care for their animals.
“If owners are unable to care for their animals appropriately, our Inspectors will provide advice or give instruction however, in certain circumstances animals will be seized and we will instigate legal proceedings in serious cases.”

The owner was fined €2,500 and ordered to pay vet and legal costs.

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